5 Strategies to Help You Sleep Your Way to Success

It seems that everyone today is obsessed with productivity and busyness. Nobody enjoys being idle, doing nothing, it’s a waste of time. That thought is not entirely accurate, and this drive to be constantly active isn’t entirely healthy, down time and rest are just as essential as activity, perhaps even more so.

We can’t go very long without adequate sleep, sooner or later it’ll destroy your ability to focus, your productivity will plummet, and your health will suffer. Rest is rejuvenation, properly taking advantage of it can counterintuitively aid you in doing more and being?happier and healthier as you do it. An article on Huffington Post presents 5 strategies for how you can use this too often overlooked aspect of life to power your way to greater success:

Tame the Zeigarnik effect. The Zeigarnik effect, named for the researcher who discovered it in the 1920’s, refers to your tendency to ruminate about all of the unfinished tasks you didn’t complete (Syrek & Antoni, 2014). I feel a quick jolt of accomplishment every time I cross something off of my to-do list, and now I know why. One way to lessen the impact of the Zeigarnik effect is to keep a pad of paper next to your bed and do a “brain spill.” Whatever you’re stewing about, put it on paper. This simple strategy relaxes your brain so it can focus on sleep.

Along with the Zeigarnik effect and the other four strategies, they also point out the main problems that sleep loss can cause, giving us all the more reason to start employing these tips. Check out the full post for all the tips and start getting a better night sleep.


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