Things You Should Never Be Texting Her

Some Texts Are Better Off Not Existing

Texting is one of our number one communication tools, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always the smartest option. Here are some things that you should just not be texting that girl. (If you want to hear from her again, that is.)

Passive Agressive Stuff

Trying to fight over text message is bad enough, but throw in some passive aggressive words and watch things go from bad to worse. She’s going to overanalyze whatever you say anyway, so it’s not like you’re hiding your irritation by making it passive. Just say what you mean so that she doesn’t retaliate with her own passive aggressive attitude, or straight up just ignore your text altogether. What a mess.


You should definitely be apologizing to her where it’s owed, but doing it in person or on the phone is going to provide the opportunity to make it mean something. You might not really feel like rehashing what you did wrong in a lengthy apology session, but she might need to hear that you do in fact know what went wrong and that you don’t plan on doing it again. An empty sorry isn’t going to get you anywhere fast. Except even further into the doghouse.


To be fair if you only went on one date or something you can let her down over text, anything more than that might actually be a little too dramatic. But if you’re actually seeing someone and decide to end things, just do it the big boy way and use your grownup words. It might feel a little more intimidating to breakup on the phone or in person, however, it will generally go pretty quickly and over text she might try to drag it out. Something to consider.

STD News

Let’s say for some reason something goes wrong and you end up with something. When you share the news (as you should), do not text it. For one thing, that’s sort of a sensitive subject and it’s just polite to make an effort when you hit her with the news. For another thing, texting that sort of thing means that she’s going to screen shot it and send it to her friends. Even if she’s not pissed. So, you can imagine where this can get a bit overly complicated/ruin your reputation.

Unsolicited Photos of Your Junk

Women who actually want to receive photos of your penis are few and far between, so the odds of that going over well when it’s unsolicited is slim to none. We get that men are visual creatures and why they’re interested in seeing our lovely bodies, but the feeling is not always mutual. For some reason this tends to occur a lot with people who are practically strangers, and just know it’s not a good look. Plus, she’s going to screen shot and send it to all of her friends so just know that as well.

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