Eyebrow grooming for men

Eyebrow grooming can completely change your look.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows in a Masculine Fashion

Your eyebrows frame your face, and can make the difference between looking like a superstar and looking like a caveman. Your brows can even impact how your facial expression is perceived- surprised looking brows come to mind as an obvious no-no. Too-thick brows, in their natural state, can make you look perpetually angry. When it comes to men?s eyebrows, the key is to make it look like you have done zero grooming. Of course, a lot of grooming goes into this ?natural? look.

Tweeze or wax only

When removing eyebrow hairs, you want to pull out the entire hair rather than just chopping off the top. Shaving your eyebrows will give you a stubbly look, especially if you have dark hair and light skin. You also cannot get the necessary precision using a razor. Tweezing and waxing are the best methods for grooming your eyebrows. Tweezing is preferable to waxing as you remove individual hairs, so you are able to see when you should stop. However, waxing is preferred by some as it is quick and less painful.

Don?t get your girlfriend to do it

Women?s eyebrow trends are vastly different to men?s. Your girlfriend or female friends will have shaped their brows into nice arches, and will default to creating this shape when asked to do your eyebrows. This is not what you want as a guy. The first time you wax or pluck your eyebrows, it is well worth going to a salon to get them shaped to suit you. If you can find a salon specialising in men?s grooming, this will be your best option.

No monobrow

Removing the hair that grows in the centre of your eyebrows is the most important part of men?s eyebrow grooming. Make sure you do not make the gap between your brows too big- the gap should not be any larger than the width of your nose as its widest point.

Maintain it

Regardless of whether you do at-home brows or go to a salon, and whether you keep your brows chunky or thin them out, maintenance is a vital step. Plucking out the new hairs is essential to making your brows look naturally perfect. It is easy to do this yourself, even if you get your eyebrows professionally shaped- simply tweeze out the hairs as they grow, maintaining the shape of your brows. Depending on how hairy you are and how quickly your hair grows, the frequency with which you need to tidy your brows can be anything from every day to once every few weeks. Most guys will find that a once or twice a week touch-up will do nicely.

Style with eyebrow wax

Eyebrow wax should be in your grooming arsenal if you are bushy-browed. It is a similar product to hair gel; it will hold your brows into position keeping them looking neat. This is not an essential product for everyone. It is most necessary if you have long, curly or thick eyebrow hair.


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