The lines that make her lose interest

Hopefully he’s not texting to ask if she got his last text.

Stop Using these Lines on Women

Everyone says stupid things when flirting. These comments are a special kind of stupid. They make her think you are not into her, or that you are painfully awkward or plainly rude. This depletes her interest in you, when you are seeking the opposite effect.

?You remind me of my crush?

You may think it is a coy comment to tell her that she reminds you of your crush. Guys that say this think they are simultaneously playing hard to get and expressing interest. However, any self-respecting woman hates this line. She does not want to be a replacement for the girl you are in love with. Plus, if you end up getting into a relationship with her, this line will come back to give you grief as she will always wonder if she was your second choice.

?Are you interested in me??

Open communication is a great thing in a relationship, but is not always your best bet when you are attempting to gauge her interest. For one thing, she may still be deciding if she likes you or not. Putting the pressure on her to tell you will shift her towards a ?no?. This question also makes you appear needy; even if she is interested, being asked directly may make her reconsider. You should never need to ask this question. If you cannot tell if she is into you, it means she is not into you.

?Your friend is hot?

It is just disrespectful to drool over another woman when you are attempting to flirt. By revealing what you think about her friend, she will think that you are not interested in her. She will think that you have only been talking to her because you want her help getting with her friend- and that is if she gives you the benefit of the doubt. If she realises that you are just drawing attention to her friend?s beauty as a half-baked flirting technique, she will think you are a pig.

?Did you get my message??

Yes, she got your message. She did not reply on purpose. You interrogating her on why she never got back to you is not going to make her like you. If anything, it will make her want to avoid you. It is even worse when this plays out through messaging. Receiving a ?why haven?t you replied?? type message is horrifying. When you send a message and it goes unacknowledged, the least awkward way to deal with it is to pretend it never happened.

?My ex used to do that too!?

Avoid any comparisons to your ex-girlfriends. Whether it is a favourable or unfavourable comparison, it will make you sound like you are hung up on this girl from your past. This can be difficult if you have only just emerged from a relationship, but only the most saintly of women will be willing to look past being compared to your ex-girlfriend, even if it is in terms of being superior to the ex.

Try one of these 3 powerful lines instead.


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