This Is Your Brain On Sleep

Scientists have been trying to figure out sleep for quite some time. Just what are the benefits and why do they exist? Why is it that people can’t stay awake all the time and remain aware and focused? Why is it that people die if they don’t sleep? The answers to these questions are still relatively unknown, but it is safe to say that sleep is incredibly important to almost everything we do.

Without adequate rest we lose focus, we lose willpower, our health will suffer,?along with almost every other facet of our lives. Slowly, with the progression of neuroscience, we are uncovering the secrets of sleep, Huffington Post are doing their part by sharing some recent findings along with an animated video to help:

Over the years, scientific studies have found that during our natural sleep cycles, our brains jump into action to perform many of the duties that make us who we are when we’re awake. From?forming and storing long-term memories?to making decisions?and clearing our neurotoxins, the brain’s lengthy, nighttime to-do list proves just how important it is that we log the appropriate amount of shut-eye?each night.

Check out the video and the rest of the post for more information on the sleeping brain, and then perhaps get some rest, it’s clearly a beneficial activity.

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