How To Live To 100: The Health Determinants

People are living longer.?It wasn’t that long ago — at least in evolutionary terms — that we would’t have expected to see the other side of 40 years old, now we’re constantly pushing 80. This all has drastic effects on the likes of retirement, the number of people working, and the population at large. With science, technology, and life changing at an ever growing rate, we can only assume that our lives will continue to grow longer.

Some, Ray Kurzweil being the most notable, believe that within our lifetimes we’ll see the changes necessary to live forever. While that is a rather incredible vision, it’s no lock. Even so, most of us would likely want to live for as long as we can, there’s so much to see and do, and adding a few extra years to get some of it done sounds great. This article on the Huffington Post takes a unique angle in looking at the determiners of a life that can hit 100 years of age: comparing ourself to a car.

The second major of the health determinants is accidents. Clearly if your car insists on running into things or being run into by others its health quotient is problematic. Your car or your body will be spending a lot of time in the repair shop. What I mean by accidents are those misadventures that are not your personal choosing, among these are most infections, poisonings, starvation, wars, and malignancy. It is important to note however that many of these are preventable with good self-care.

It seems unusual to compare your car to you, but there is power in the metaphor, and this article makes good use of it. Check out the full post to find out what needs to go in your favor if you’re to hit 100.



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About Sam Brinson Sam is a writer living in Uruguay. Sam follows the latest in aging break throughs.

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