Easy Ways to Be a Better Boyfriend

If you’ve got yourself a great girl you probably want to keep her, right??Assuming that you do, making her happy is probably a priority, and luckily there are a lot of ways to step up your game and show her that you care without having to get too extravagant.

Fix a Problem For Her

Even if she isn’t asking for your help you’ve probably noticed her struggling with something, even if?it’s just her crappy ice trays. Those are the sort of things that you can actually do something about, such as buying her better ice trays. The work involved for you is minimal at best, but the involvement of noticing and caring is super adorable. She’ll tell all her friends how sweet you are and think about you literally every time she makes ice ever again. These types of gestures are more personal than random flower deliveries, (although most girl enjoy those as well), so they really make a big impact.

Respect Her?Tastes

Men and women often choose to spend their time differently, but if she gives you the space to watch football for days on end then you can give her the space to watch chick flicks as well. Girly things aren’t bad you guys, you like girls, which are?as girly as things can get. Not being interested in her taste of music is totally acceptable, but don’t make the gal feel bad about it. She’s not your little sister.


Again, everything that is interesting to her might not be interesting to you, but since you’re interested in her…there is some effort to be made. If you hear her raving?about lava cake on endless occasions, maybe surprise her with a lava cake one day. Or suggest that you guys should make one. Or, even just find her a recipe for one on Pinterest. The point is that she was probably talking about the dessert off handedly, but you were listening, because you’re such a great guy.

Be Cool to Her Friends

Some of her friends existed before you, and most of them will be around for a while. You don’t have to buddy up and get in on their group texts or anything, but you should be respectful of her relationships with them and even appreciate that she has those people in her life. Being friendly and accepting of those people will get you a lot of points with both your girlfriend and her friends, and you know it’s important to her that everyone is on the same page.

Text Her Throughout the Day

Men and women can have different communication styles in general and this can definitely include text style as well. Even if you don’t feel like there’s anything pressing that needs to be discussed while you guys are both at work, she will always appreciate a text that just lets her know that you’re thinking about her. It takes no time on your part and it keeps the romance alive on her end. Even an emoji can make a difference.

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