How to Choose the Right Fitness Program for You

It’s safe to assume that we’re all fairly different, and we all have different goals and aspirations. When we start talking about fitness, it’s not right to lump everyone into the same boat, given these differences. Some people want to put on muscle while others want definition, some want to lose weight and others simply want to be a little fitter. Through this in with all the different shapes and sizes and you can see why everyone needs their own plan.

So how do you find that plan? It’s not an easy question, you need to know what you want, and then you can go about forming a plan. That plan should take into account your own particular shape and goals, it should be personalized. Breaking Muscle have put together a nifty little post about choosing a plan based on your fitness personality:

The Newbie

If you?ve never exercised or it?s been many years, then start slow. You have to walk before you can run – literally. Doing advanced training as a novice exerciser is asking for trouble. Instead, try low-impact activities like hiking, swimming, or machine circuit training at your local gym. Hire a trainer if you have the resources. If you prefer privacy, do some online workout videos at home and get your body moving. Set your baseline, then go for the heavier, harder stuff. Your body, ego, and doctor will thank you!

There’s always some good advice that can transcend the differences, so take that when you can. Check out the full post for the other fitness personality types along with the tips and techniques to help you thrive in your fitness goals.

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