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Clothes you shouldn’t wear indoors

wearing sunglasses inside

Wearing sunglasses is only appropriate when you are outside.

Don’t be rude and unfashionable by wearing these inside

Dressing appropriately is highly dependent on context. Something as simple as going from outdoors to indoors requires adjustments to your outfit. There are some items of clothing and accessories which should be removed when you are inside, whether as a matter of style or etiquette.

Heavy outerwear

Jackets are designed to protect you from the elements. When you are safely inside, there are no elements to speak of. You do not need a sports jacket to shelter you from a slight draught. It is far more distinguished to wear woollen clothing to keep warm when inside. Sweaters and cardigans are a softer look which is more appropriate for indoor use. It is also good manners to remove heavy jackets when you go inside, especially if it has been raining outside.


There is never any reason to wear a hat indoors. Regardless of the type of hat and how much it adds to your outfit, it is respectful to remove it when you are inside. The great difficulty with hats is that your hair is messed up upon taking it off. However, having hat hair is nothing compared to the faux pas of wearing a hat when there is a roof over your head. Those who wear caps seem to be the worst offenders for wearing hats inside. Caps can be a fantastic accessory for channelling street style, but leave them for the open streets.


You will be laughed at for wearing sunglasses inside. This includes indoor areas which are flooded with natural light. Sunglasses are fine for outdoor wear and in the car, but completely inappropriate for homes and entertainment venues. You do sometimes see people wearing sunglasses at nightclubs, but if you do this, you run the risk of being photographed and turned into a meme. By night, sunglasses wearers look like douchebags; by day, indoor sunglasses wearers appear hungover or strung out.

Work boots

When you are going to an indoor event, you should keep your shoes sleek and relatively lightweight. Chunky work boots such as Timberland boots are generally inappropriate. This rule is not as rigid as the hat or sunglasses rule. Of course, you are not expected to remove your shoes when you are inside, unless you are visiting a private home where your host requests that you do not wear shoes.


A backpack is a convenient way of transporting your personal effects, but remember to take it off when you are in someone’s home. It is easy to forget to take off your backpack, but wearing a backpack indoors just looks weird and uncomfortable. You may find a backpack to be an easy choice for house parties, and do not want to stow it away somewhere in case it gets stolen. While looking silly is preferable to being robbed, a better solution is to try to do away with the backpack entirely. Keep your valuables in your pockets, and find a different way to transport your drinks.

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