My most controversial sex tip EVER (this may shock you)

I want a man who?s not afraid to put his mouth on my body;)

Actually, all girls do. So if you?re not licking, sucking, and flicking….

?You?re not giving her what she REALLY wants in bed!

Now, there are lots of ways to orally stimulate a woman.

You can use your mouth on her tits, her clit?and obviously to passionately kiss her on the lips.

But there?s one more place she secretly wishes your tongue would go?

And that?s her ASS!

Anal oral sex?also known as annilingus, or a ?rim job??is becoming very popular.

Sure, this sex act used to be considered taboo, but now it?s going mainstream.

And I think that?s GREAT=)

In fact, I want to help spread the word about this incredibly HOT sex act.

Because even though more and more men are starting to eat tushy?.

?there are still WAY too many guys who are scared to try it:(

Well, guess what? They?re missing out big-time!

So to help you discover the joy of giving a woman anal pleasure with your mouth? I?m going to debunk some very common MYTHS about annilingus.

And I?ll also give you a few tips that will enhance your performance?and heighten your level of sexual pleasure as well;)

Here we go!

Myth #1: Licking a girl?s ass is unsanitary and tastes ?gross?

Men who believe this couldn?t be more WRONG.

If a woman practices basic hygiene, her ?other hole? is no less clean than her pussy.

Moreover, you?ll be surprised by how DELICIOUS it smells and tastes!

In fact, I would describe a girl?s backdoor as having a natural, earthy, and very feminine flavor;)

Another pleasant surprise is how SILKY and VELVETY it feels on your tongue.

And because performing annilingus stimulates so many different senses, the experience becomes as arousing for YOU as it is for her.

Myth #2: Women don?t want to be licked ?back there?

Oh, yes we DO!

First and foremost?annilingus just FEELS really good.

Of course, it?s also a huge turn on?

Because nothing makes a girl feel more DESIRED than knowing you?re SO into her body, that even her darkest crevasse tastes sweet to you.

In fact, the very nature of annilingus is extremely intimate?and as you know, women crave intimacy more than anything.

So even though rim jobs are thought to be ?kinky? or ?perverse? by some?they?re actually a very intimate and SENSUAL act!

And anyway, the element of TABOO only makes annilingus more exciting to women.

That said, sometimes a woman WILL reject your attempt to eat her ass.

If this happens, BELIEVE ME, it?s NOT because the idea of annilingus doesn?t turn her on?

The only reason a girl would say ?hey, don?t do that!? is because she, like many people, has misconceptions about this lovely practice.

As a result, she?s worried about what you?ll think of the way her bum looks, smells, and tastes.

Or maybe she?s worried that enjoying something so naughty will make her look like some sort of deviant sex freak.

Or maybe she?s worried that if you do it to her, she?ll be expected reciprocate (more on this later)?

Whatever the case, just convince her to relax, let her know you think her bottom is sexy, and that there?s no reason to be embarrassed about letting you see it.

Because, yes?there are plenty of women who SAY they don?t like having their ass licked. But they are also the same women who?ve never actually HAD it done to them.

Whereas 100% of woman that HAVE, will give you the green light to rim them every time you have the urge!

Myth #3: If she doesn?t like anal sex, she doesn?t like annilingus

The way a girl feels about anal sex is in no way related to how she feels about annilingus.

?Because they are two very DIFFERENT things.

Anal sex is an acquired taste. But the sensation of a soft, wet mouth tending to our anal rim?well, that?s something all women will agree is a very good feeling.

Similarly, just because a woman likes annilingus, it doesn?t mean she likes anal sex.

Although?annilingus CAN be a nice, gentle way to introduce your girl to other kinds of anal pleasure.

If she responds favorably to you licking around the ?rim,? try sticking your tongue a little further in.

If she appears to like your tongue, go ahead and use your finger next time. If one finger is well received, see what happens when you give her two.

If she?s into it, chances are it won?t be long before she invites your cock to enter through her ?backdoor!?

Myth #4: Performing annilingus is hard

Licking a girl?s ass is a million times EASIER than eating her pussy.

I mean?everything is right there. It?s a smooth surface.

There are no flaps to lift or separate?or secret buttons to find.

There?s nothing to tweak or rub, or diddle, or suck.

And you don?t have to do anything fancy with your fingers.

When performing annilingus?just keep it simple!

Move your tongue up and down, side to side, in a circle?and that?s all you need to know.

Just change your speed every now and she?ll be in HEAVEN?

Trust me, it?s hard to give a BAD rim job=)

Myth #5: Men give, they don?t receive

Okay, so there are lots of guys that truly LOVE going down (and around) on a woman.

But among that group of adventerous lovers, only a small percentage has experienced REVERSE annilingus?

That?s right?I?m talking about letting a girl lick YOU;)

Now, if the thought of anything?even the gentle tongue of a pretty lady?going near your ass freaks you out, that?s okay.

Because there are also plenty of women that will gladly receive anal oral?but would never perform it on a man.

After all, guys are harrier?sweatier?and not always as pristinely clean back there, as women tend to be.

HOWEVER, I?m a believer in never knocking something until you try it.

And guess what? Just like women, if guys were to give reverse annilingus a chance, they?d probably really enjoy it (just make sure to clean and groom yourself first!).

Personally, I find a guy that can take pleasure in something a little unconventional?to be very, very sexy;)

It tells me that he?s bold, adventurous, sensual?and most importantly it shows me he?s CONFIDENT in his body, his desires, and his masculinity.

But if you don?t think it?s your thing, it?s no big deal…girls appreciate a guy who?d rather give than receive!

And there you have it…The 5 biggest misconceptions about a saucy little sex move known as annilingus.

Personally, I LOVE anal oral, but now I wanna know what you think?

Are you already hooked on the yummy experience of eating a girl?s bottom?

If not, are you willing to give it a whirl? What about letting her do you?

Seriously, babe?shoot me an email when you get this!

I need to know what you like;)

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