How to tell that she wants to be exclusive

When she wants to act like a in public, it means she wants to be exclusive.

Secret signs that she wants you to be her boyfriend

It is difficult to draw a line between dating and being a . As always, communication is the golden rule. However, many women do not want to be the one to ask. To the girl you are seeing, it is more romantic if you are the one that makes it official. You may be willing to go along with this and ask her to be exclusive, but timing is crucial. Get in too early, and you may find that your fledgling relationship has lost its spark. Look for these hints that she wants you be exclusive.

She introduces you to the important people

Introducing you to the most important people in her life is a strong sign that she sees you becoming a . A very reserved type of girl may not introduce you just yet, but she will talk about people that she wants you to meet and may even express how much you?ll like them. Once you get to the stage of meeting her family, she may even assume that you are an exclusive .

She?s putting in extra effort

Ramping up the effort she is putting into seeing you is a sure sign that she wants more. She will plan dates and put in more time than usual. She may dress up more and go to extra effort when you visit her, such as by making dinner together. This is possibly a test; she may be giving you her extra energy to see how long it will be before you want to take the next step.

She is being more affectionate

This sign is most applicable for when you have a friends with benefits arrangement going on. You may have started with a casual set up, but she is set on acting like she is your girlfriend. Public displays of affection are a dead giveaway that she is trying to mark her territory. In private, she acts in an affectionate manner and wants more cuddles than sex. She is clearly showing that she has developed feelings for you, and it will not be long until she wants more of a commitment from you.

She mentions that she deactivated her dating profile

This is a strong hint that you would be completely oblivious to miss. If you met on a dating site or app, she will want to know if you are still using it. She will casually slip in to conversation that she has deleted her profile, in order to see if you take the bait. This is an opportunity to have a conversation about where you are going as a . To avoid having this conversation for now, do not tell her whether or not your profile is still active.

Finally sleeping together

At first she wanted to take things slow and enjoy getting to know you while dating. If it has taken many dates before she wants to have sex, this is a sign that she expects you to announce your exclusivity very soon.

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