11 WEIRD Ways To Turn A Woman On Whom You’ve Just Met

Want To Know How To Turn On A Woman In A Matter Of Seconds? Here?s How?

We’ve all heard the conventional ways to : rub her shoulders, buy her flowers, kiss her neck, etc., But, what if you want to turn on a woman you’ve just met? Well, walking up to her with flowers and offering a rub down while simultaneously kissing neck, well lets just say it probably won’t do the trick.

The following are some of my favorite ?unconventional? ways to get a woman turned on quickly, whether she’s your girlfriend or a complete stranger:

1. Use Command Words

Most women prefer to be the submissive one in their relationship. Set the frame that you are a strong dominant man right away through the use of command words. Here are my favorites:


?cancel your plans?

?no, this is what we are going to do?

?tell me…?

?come on let?s go?

Some of these might seem rude but trust me, women get turned on by powerful leaders who know what they want and have the balls to say it.

Here’s a pro tip: replace questions with commands when possible. ?Can I have your phone number?? becomes, ?give me your phone number.? ?What is your favorite restaurant? becomes, ?tell me your favorite restaurant.?

2. Look At Her Lips

Amidst the conversation glance down at her lips a few times. This will subconsciously get her to start thinking about kissing you. ?Make sure to do this at the right moment, like before you go for a kiss. If you do this too soon or too often you will appear distracted. Distraction is not an aphrodisiac.

3. Use Her Name

People love to hear their names. It’s the sweetest sound to the human ear. It makes people feel important and respected. Since we like to hear our own name, we tend to like those who say our name more often.

Try saying her name in the middle of a sentence like, ?I know what you mean Sandy, I sometimes feel the same way when I’m…? This will really impress her and make her feel valuable. And she’ll associate those good feelings with you.

4. Speak With A Deep Voice

Most women find masculine energy highly intoxicating. There is nothing more masculine than a deep manly voice. But don’t fake it; that will just sound phony and lame. Instead, practice speaking to others in a lower register and over time your voice will deepen.

5. Speak Loud

Volume in speech demonstrates authority and that you believe in what you are saying, aka confidence. A weak or soft voice shows weakness and that you don’t really believe in what you are saying and are ashamed of it because you don’t want other’s to hear.

Practice speaking louder all the time. There is no bigger turn off than a man who sounds like a wimp. Instead, speak from your diaphragm in a loud powerful authoritative tone.

6. Pause To Draw Her In

Pausing in the middle of your sentences will draw her in, making her eager to know what you are going to say next. ?It also allows you to slow things down, thus creating a seductive vibe. It’s virtually impossible to sound sexy if you are speaking a mile a minute. So slow down your speech and speak with pauses. Pausing will make you sound more confident and seductive as things begin to heat up.

7. Slow Things Down

Similar to slowing down your speech, you should slow down your movements. Not only will this draw attention to you, it will make the woman feel more relaxed and sets the tone for the seduction. Think about it, did you ever see a movie where the actor is talking fast or rapidly moving around while he is trying to seduce a woman? No, of course not. Seduction is all about smooth and controlled movements, speech and eye contact.

8. The Look Of Desire

This is guaranteed to . Just look at her like you are already having sex with her. ?That’s right, if you have that gleam in your eye that conveys, ?you are mine,? she will have to excuse herself to change her panties. This is extremely powerful because women crave to be desired by a powerful man. Just be careful because there is a fine line between look of desire and look of eagerness.

9. Don’t Blink

You probably already heard that eye contact is crucial, but did you know that blinking actually kills tension? So if you want to create powerful sexual tension then practice not blinking.

Henry Kissenger said, ?power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.? And powerful men tend to give very powerful eye contact. Maybe it’s to intimidate others, but you can use this secret to arouse the minds of women.

Check out the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey or the scene in The Aviator where Leo seduces the cigarette girl in under 2-minutes. Both characters demonstrate the power that not blinking can have on the opposite sex.

Beautiful women tend to sleep with powerful high status men. So practice not blinking and watch as women get enchanted by your powerful gaze.

But be careful not to let your eyes water up from dryness. The appearance of crying can make you go from powerful, to wimpy crybaby.

?10. Disagree With Her

This totally goes against the ?nice guy? persona. But hear me out. Women hate guys who supplicate to them and agree with every word they say. A woman wants a man who has his own opinions, even if they go against hers.

This shows that you have your own mind, your own ideas, your own likes and dislikes and that you are not trying to impress her.

11. Push Her Away

Women love a man who is a challenge. ?If you are overly eager and she knows that she can have you, then chances are she won’t want you. But, if you always stay just slightly out of reach then SHE will chase YOU!

For example saying, ?You are cute but too bad it will never work out between us,? will drive her crazy and make her try to convince you that it will work out.

It also shows that you are not trying to impress her and that you don’t really need her. Remember the basics of psychology, we want what we cannot have.

Now that you know some off-the-cuff clever ways to turn her on, I want to share with you the ONE opener that will SWEEP HER OFF HER FEET in almost any situation.

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