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The Qualities that Really Make You Seem Manly

Ladies like the manly men right? Sure they do. But what they think of as manly might not be the same things that you do. It’s not all muscles and brawn that they’re looking for.

Having a Sense of Humor

You don’t have to be a comedian, but a guy with a good sense of humor is always going to seem confident and easy going, both of which are very appealing qualities in a man. Being able to laugh at yourself or brush things off quickly is?great, we don’t want to emotionally immaturity that plays out in constant drama. We all have our moments, but we love the way you guys can lighten them up.


Confidence is a totally different quality than being showy or pushy, in fact some of those most confident people aren’t trying to assert themselves at all because they’re normal presence is enough to attract the attention that they might want. You seem manly when you know who?you are and you’re comfortable about it, even if you’re a work in progress. A confident guy doesn’t need to play games because manipulation doesn’t fit into his dating plan, he knows what’s good will stay and what isn’t good shouldn’t be a thing anyway.

Assertiveness also plays into the confidence category, because when you know what you want in life and you’re also confident, you’ll go out and get it. We like that whether it has to do with us or the business you’re planning on starting.


With all the time that you could spend working, watching TV, lifting weights, etc…what seems like a manly quality is when you find ways to balance everything that makes you happy. An imbalance in hobbies, or intense obsessions make us wonder if there’s room for us in your already packed schedule. When there is room for us in your busy life, it makes it feel like you’re in a mature place for being able to keep it all together.

Being in Touch With Your Emotions

Guys who are against?dealing with emotions of any kind don’t seem manly, they seem immature and scared.?Emotions are a human quality, not a gender assigned one, so stuffing them away is only going to cause problems at some point. We’d prefer that you know how to work through them so that you’re comfortable with us when we do the same. It’s not that we expect you to show them all the time, but rather you understand when things need to be dealt with in the moment and when you could use some alone time to clear your head.


One of the most manly qualities is out there is the inclination to be kind no matter the circumstances. Life is full of crazy moments and even crazier people to contend with, so it’s a good sign when you seem accepting of that and feel in control of your life without having to react to everything that occurs around you. Spiteful gossip, road rage, putting people down…not manly. Being kind makes it seem like you’re unruffled, which makes you seem solid, and that’s manly.


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