Why you should avoid celebrity fragrances

Go for a classic perfume over a noxious celebrity scent.cologne

A bottle of your favorite pop star is not worth the money

Buying a perfume by David Beckham will not make you smell like him. He is probably using the money he earns from his fragrance line to fund his own personal perfume collection, which is no doubt populated with high-end products.

Releasing a signature scent is a rite of passage for pop stars and even sports stars. You do not need to be a die-hard fan to be tempted to pick up a bottle of rapper 50 Cent?s cologne- celebrity scents tend to have low price points, attractive packaging and unique smells, so they seem like a good buy to the casual shopper. However, those who have a sound knowledge of perfume avoid celebrity fragrances, even if they happen to love the celebrity whose name is plastered on the product.

It?s not a forever scent

When you find a perfume that you love, you should make it your ?forever smell?. With celebrity fragrances, you are denied this luxury. Celebrity perfumes go out of fashion as their namesakes fall out of the spotlight, and before long, the perfume line becomes discontinued. Only the most successful of celebrity fragrances are available for many years after their release. I highly doubt Donald Trump?s fragrance, called Success, will be a mainstay on department store shelves for years to come. By the way, it is quite a nice smelling perfume, but not worth the embarrassment of admitting you are wearing Trump?s scent.

Low oil content

All fragrances are marked at ?eau de toilette? (EDT) or ?eau de parfum?, with the occasional ?eau de cologne? thrown in. These words are not just to make the perfume sound fancy- they are actually one of the most important considerations when purchasing a fragrance, as they indicate oil content. A fragrance with less oil content is more watered down, and therefore will not last as long. You will find an EDT does not last for the whole day, and you will need to use a lot more of it to get the same effect. While EDTs are cheaper, they are also an inferior product. Celebrity perfumes are relatively cheap, as compared to their designer cousins, and they are invariably EDTs. It is extremely rare to find a celebrity perfume which rivals the quality of a designer perfume house. Skip the pop star perfume and go for something with a good reputation, such as Tom Ford or Calvin Klein.

An overpowering smell

There are an insane amount of perfumes on the market, even just among celebrity scents. To create a point of difference, many celebrity perfumes are crafted to have a unique and strong smell. This can trick you into buying the perfume when you are in the store. Owing to the low oil content I just mentioned, the overall effect is to create an overpowering smell for a short burst of time, before fading to practically nothing. Most celebrity perfumes have a love-it-or-hate-it effect, owing to their unique smells when compared to classic scents. This is fine for you if you like the perfume, but will not make a favorable impression on anyone you meet who has a more discerning nose.

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