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6 Foods or Drinks that Every Person should Consume to Obtain an Improved Shape

Foods or Drinks to Obtain an Improved Shape

Whether the weather is hot or cold, there’s one thing that we all constantly strive for – a stunning body (well, not everyone). It’s always fun to binge out in front of the television every now and again watching Transformers or 24, for example, with a bag full of your favorite snacks. But when everything is said and done, we all want to look into the mirror and love the person looking back.

Unfortunately, one of the most significant pitfalls on the quest for a better body comes in the form of fad diets and the latest impressive “health” foods that tend to taste like cardboard, failing to satisfy your taste buds, your weight-loss goals, and your bank balance. Fortunately, there are some foods that are perfect for helping you to fight disease, melt fat, live longer, and lower your cholesterol – and they actually taste fantastic too!

6 Foods or Drinks you should Consume to Obtain an Improved Shape

1. Peppers

Foods to Obtain an Improved Shape

Every single pepper that you come across is already loaded with natural anti-oxidants, but none are quite as fantastic as the colorful yellows, reds, and oranges. The color that you see emerges as a result of something called “carotenoids”, a substance concentrated within the flesh of the pepper itself.

The benefits that these pigments provide include protection from sun damage, better immune system function, diminished cancer risk, and more. If you can handle the heat, try throwing a few chili peppers into your meal from time to time, too. They’re packed with carotenoids, and also offer up capsaicins – phytochemicals that boost your metabolism.

2. Almonds

Best Foods or Drinks to Help You Get in Shape

A daily serving of almonds (at around 30g) should offer up a dose of heart-healthy oleic acid in the range of 9g. Almonds are known to be responsible for plenty of fantastic health benefits, including improved memory. If you’re hungry, they make a fantastic snack, as almost a quarter of their calories come from protein and fiber, helping you to feel full for a longer period of time.

3. Quinoa

Drinks that Every Person should Consume to Obtain an Improved Shape

Although it isn’t completely common in kitchens across the US yet, quinoa is quickly growing in popularity. This amazing grain boasts more nutrients than any other, with more fiber and twice as much protein as brown rice. The proteins contained within quinoa also offer up an almost perfect blend of amino acids that your body can break down easily and turn into muscle.

Even better, all of that fiber and protein, in conjunction with healthy carbs and fats helps to provide a low impact on your blood sugar, which is fantastic for people watching their weight.

4. Grapefruit

Obtain an Improved Shape with these amaizng foods

If you’re hoping for a better body, then there’s really no fruit quite as sweet as grapefruit. In a study conducted at the Scripps Clinic of California, 100 obese people who ate half a grapefruit with each meal lost around 3.6lb over the course of 12 weeks. Many ended up losing even more than 10lbs. On the other hand, the control group for the study lost a pound at most. On top of that, those eating grapefruit showed a decrease in insulin levels?suggesting that their bodies were more capable of metabolizing sugar.

This fruit is awful to taste though for some. If you are one of these people, you could spend another 5 to 10 minutes on the elliptical machine to make up for this detestation of this fruit.

5. Garlic

Foods or Drinks you should Consume to Obtain an Improved Shape

An antibacterial compound known as allicin is the force that pushes forward the significant health benefits of garlic. Garlic helps to strengthen your cardiovascular system, decrease fat storage, fight cancer, and clear your skin. To activate the various benefits, simply crush it as finely as possible. Peel the cloves where you can and then use a heavy chef’s knife to squash it up before finally chopping. Make sure that you don’t over-cook it either, as too much heat can destroy the beneficial compound.

6. Green Tea

Foods or Drinks to Obtain an Improved Shape

This one’s not really a food so much as a tasty beverage – but it’s too beneficial to ignore. The health benefits of the antioxidants found within tea plants (catechins), have been backed up scientifically by decades of research. One study followed around 40,000 Japanese adults for ten years, and found that the individuals who drank more than five cups of tea a day were less likely to suffer from an early death than those who averaged less than one cup. The Koreans also know all about the benefits of green tea.

If you’re searching for a more immediate result, consider the fact that another study broke participants into two groups and put one in a green-tea catechin-rich diet. After as little as twelve weeks, the group consuming green-tea had achieved smaller waistlines and body weight than the individuals in the control group.


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