3 Must-have Nightstand Sex Tools?

Tell me what?s on your nightstand?and I?ll tell you if you?re good in bed;)

You see, there are 3 ordinary items that can turn weak sex?into wild sex..

(You already have at least 2 of them at home!)

And the best part is, they look innocent enough to keep in plain sight on your nightstand…

…because you want your bedroom to give off a sexy vibe?not a creepy vibe!

Well, unlike sex toys, these 3 items will instantly spice up your sex-life…without scaring a girl off.

So even if your wife or girlfriend isn’t into trying new things in bed, she won’t know what’s coming?’til it happens…

…and by that point, she’ll be too overcome with pleasure to shut you down!

That?s why smart lovers know to be SLY when decorating their nightstand for sex;)

But most guys need help in this department?

So today, I’m going to reveal the 3 things every man MUST HAVE on his nightstand?

?and how these innocent items can go fromORDINARY to EROTIC in seconds!

1) Glass of ice water

There are TWO reasons to for this item.

The first one is obvious:?Sex makes people hot, thirsty, and parched!

And you don?t want to interrupt the action by running to the kitchen for some H2O every time your mouth feels dry.

Plus, a girl is more likely to suck your cock if she can wet she whistle before ‘going down south.’

Now, the 2nd reason is a little naughtier…

You see, ice cubes can add major HEAT to foreplay!

Of course, it?ll seem creepy if you just have a bowl of ice sitting next to your bed?

But an innocent glass of ice water allows you to ?spontaneously? introduce her to that special icy touch?without looking like you planned it.

Here?s how it?s done: Start by giving her a massage?

Then, casually reach over, grab an ice cube from the glass?and surprise her by very gently running it down her back?just ONCE.

The unexpected sensation will shock her at first?but trust me?surprise is a huge TURN-ON!

Next, suck on the ice cube for a few seconds, and use your icy lips to kiss the back of her neck, shoulders, ass and lower back.

You can then turn her over to see how she reacts to your chilly touch on her stomach, chest, legs?and eventually her CLIT!

To keep things interesting, alternate between these three techniques:

*Gliding the ice cube along her skin
*Giving her body the ?icy kisses? I just mentioned
*Letting the ice cube DRIP frosty droplets onto her body, as it melts in your hard.

Once she?s excited and her are nipples hard (from being both cold and aroused)?

?put the ice cube away and start warming her back up with your body?and your cock;)

2) Your (silk) necktie

To the untrained eye, a tie looks perfectly innocent on a man?s nightstand.

He just took it off after work and forgot to put it away?she?ll think!

But after you get her naked, that necktie will serve a very different purpose;)

Once things heat up, pick up the tie, and start tickling her with it.

Run it softly along her body…

Trace her nipples with its tip?

Then stimulate her pussy by rubbing your tie on the outside of her vagina?and using the end of it to lightly diddle her clit.

If she?s into it, you can even use the tie to gently?floss? the entire length of her slit and ass-crack!

And when you?re feeling extra-adventurous, say something like…

?I just got an idea!”

Then use your tie to do exactly what its name suggests?TIE her up!

You can loosely bind her wrists or strap her hand to the bedpost, for that ?domination fantasy?almost ALL girls secretly desire;)

Just make sure she feels in control of the situation by whispering a ?safe word? in her ear at the very beginning…so she can call TIME-OUT whenever she wants.

(Click Here For Some More of my Kinky Sex Secrets)

3) A massage candle

A candle never looks suspicious on a nightstand?It?s a perfectly normal place to keep one!

And lots of companies make candles with sexy, masculine scents, so there?s no reason a guy shouldn?t have them around.

Except, YOUR nightstand candle should be a special MASSAGE CANDLE (you can get them online and they look just like ordinary candles).

…So she won?t be able to tell that your candle is actually made for foreplay!

Note: Do NOT use a regular candle for what I?m about to tell you.

OK, so here’s what you do…

Light your massage candle a few minutes before you and your girl decide to get comfortable in the bedroom.

Candlelight is soft, romantic, and very flattering?

…and will instantly make a woman more willing to let you SEE and EXPLORE her whole body;)

Now, it?s actually better to have TWO candles going. Here?s why:

Once you get her clothes off, blow out one of the candles?

Then use the hot, melted wax to stimulate her skin!

But there are some differences between heat stimulation and ice stimulation.

With wax, only use the DROP-BY-DROP technique when applying it to her body…

…meaning, don?t dump a big puddle of wax on any area of skin all at once!

Instead, SLOWLY drip the hot wax on places like her chest, stomach, back, ass-cheeks, legs and arms…even her nipples…

And listen to her gasp with each drop that hits her body!

So now you know how 3 common items can turn your nightstand into a treasure chest of sexual surprises;)

I call it sexual fung-shui;)

Because these 3 things will give a girl unforgettable pleasure ?

…WITHOUT making you look like a guy that NEEDS to sex toys to spice up his performance!

Instead, you?ll look creative and SPONTANEOUS?which are both very sexy qualities!

And don?t worry?these items will never wear out their welcome in the bedroom?

Because the more you use use them, the more sexy things you’ll discover to do with each one!

So get your nightstand ready?and get going!

And be sure to let me know which of these 3 nightstand must-haves you like using the MOST;)

Although, it might be hard to pick a favorite?So just be sure to give me the dirty details!



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