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Why Fermented Foods are Ideal for Great Gut Health

You might not like to think about the trillions of tiny creatures that live within your body on a regular basis ? but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Those tiny lifeforms have made headlines time and time again when it comes to your health and wellness, and this is for a very good reason. Hey, if you are not the post popular person in the outside world at least you have a plethora of friends inside your body!

Until the last decade or so, most of us have largely ignored the concept of “good bacteria”. However, the marvelous bacteria that thrives within our gut has been scientifically proven to potentially boost immunity, improve digestion ? and even help us reach our weight-loss goals.

Though research is still being done into just how important these tough microbes may be to our health, the early results of most studies are quite promising. Fortunately, the more you learn about good bacteria, the more you will discover about new and impressive ways that you can help to encourage their growth. Perhaps the most effective method is eating foods that are packed-full of probiotics ? in other words ? fermented foods.

Fermented Food: Everything you need to know for Great Gut Health

The Art of Fermenting

Numerous cultures from all across the globe have engaged in the fermenting process as technique to preserve foods for longer than they would typically survive. However, fermenting isn’t just another preservative process?it can also be used to enhance and improve the nutritional profile of certain ingredients. For example, fermenting converts sugars like fructose and glucose into lactic acid and cellular energy, which in turn produces healthy guy flora and fantastic digestive enzymes all in one. But what benefits can we actually expect from chowing down on fermented fare?

1. Increased Nutritional Value

First and foremost, one of the primary reasons why fermented foods are so fantastic is that the process itself helps to increase the involvement of certain nutrients. For example, sauerkraut has a huge content of vitamin C. The evidence suggests that the fermentation process can actually enrich your food with higher amounts of nutrients than they would have otherwise had ? making you and your body healthier than ever. Fermented foods even help you absorb nutrients better since when your gut flora is weakened, you don’t extract the most out of the foods you’re eating.

2. Restore Gut Health

Good gut health is more important than you might think. Without the right healthy bacteria in your stomach, you can find that you struggle more frequently with issues of consistent weight gain, sluggishness, and the introduction of various health issues. And since America is in a health care crisis with doctors being separated from their patients and rising health care costs for all workers, you do not want this!

If you look after the healthy bacteria in your gut, then you are guaranteed to experience better health, but if those bacteria begin to weaken, then the way you feel can suffer drastically, leading to autoimmune diseases, depression, obesity, and even diabetes. The lactic acid that is produced during the process of fermentation promotes the growth of healthy flora in your intestine, promoting a better gut environment.

3. Easier to Digest

Some people assume that fermented foods are automatically easier to digest because of their probiotic content ? however this is only a small part of the benefit. The fermentation process breaks down some of the harder-to-digest cellulose in foods, thereby making it easier for our bodies to handle. This is particularly important in impoverished areas where infants are fed gruels and cereal as first foods.

As so many of us struggle with digestive issues, fermenting foods can help to give our bodies a head start in digestion, while feeding healthy guy bacteria at the same time.

4. Helps Remove Toxins from The Body

Having extra toxins hanging around in your body is one sure-fire way of ensuring that you end up feeling terrible more often than not. Fortunately, the fermentation process breaks down the nutrients that exist within your foods, creating natural chelators that are ideal for binding toxins and removing them safely and easily from your body.

5. Safer to Eat than Raw Vegetables

Some research has shown that fermented foods might actually be much safer to eat than raw vegetables. The reason for this is that while raw vegetables can be contaminated with things like E-Coli, once the fermentation process begins to take place, lactic acid kills off E-Coli, creating a healthier food overall. Lactic acid bacteria is a highly efficient killer of other forms of bacteria, which is why vegetable fermentation almost always works well, and has been doing so for thousands of years.

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