Lessons from Kanye’s Fall 2015 collection

Everything you need to know about Kanye?s NYFW show

Rapper turned fashion icon Kanye West is known for his distinctive personal sense of style. With the release of his latest collection at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, Kanye has sadly lost much of his credibility in the fashion world. Yeezy II is, as the name suggests, the second instalment of Kanye?s collaboration with Adidas. The Yeezy II collection has drawn unrelenting ridicule from fashion commentators and keyboard warriors alike in the last few days, with comparisons to post-apocalyptic movies and homeless people. There is plenty to learn from the Yeezy II collection, even if it is guide to what not to wear.

Keep it fitted

Kanye?s New York Fashion Week collection, in all its baggy glory, really does look sloppy. It is not difficult to see why it has been compared to the homeless look or even the ?Derelicte? collection from Zoolander. Several factors come together to create this impression: an excess of material, reminiscent of someone who cannot afford to buy clothes that fit; too much layering, as people who live out in the elements are required to do; and utility-style clothing, which is often favoured by those who sleep rough. It is fine to have a baggy sweater as a statement piece, but provided you keep the rest of your outfit fitted and refrain from too much layering.

Don?t match your clothes to your skin color

One of the more bizarre aspects of the Yeezy II collection is that the models? skin colors are matched to their outfits. This creates a striking effect overall, but it is not how you should dress. It is best to have some contrast between the shade of your skin and that of your clothes. It is also not a good look if you are wearing a tight garment that is similar to your skin tone, as you will look naked from far away.

Know what you?re buying

Just because something is expensive, does not mean that it is good. The Yeezy II collection is a huge lesson in why you should not buy something just because it has an amazing brand name on it. No doubt there will be some people who shell out for Kanye?s glorified potato sacks from the ready-to-wear line; don?t be one of them. With designer clothing, most of the cost is for the label, and often it happens that it is just not worth it.

Bonus: Don?t be a narcissist

This is not a fashion lesson, this is a life lesson. Kanye announced his show just a few days before it was held, resulting in the designers scheduled for that slot to be rescheduled. New York Fashion Week organisers prioritised Kanye?s show over others, just because he is a mega-star. This antagonized a lot of people, not least his fellow designers, and reflects poorly on him as a person. Does he care? Probably not. Copy Kanye?s style all you want, but copying his arrogance will mean that you are not very well liked.

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