When should you become ‘Facebook official’?

Be sure about your relationship before putting it online

Whether you are constantly online or just log in every now and then, changing your relationship status is a huge deal. It tells your friends that you are off the market, and that you are proud enough to publicly announce your new girlfriend.

Talk about it first

Do not be that guy who sends a relationship request five minutes after your first date. Jumping the gun will scare her off. Even if you have already had the conversation about becoming a couple, you need to discuss putting your relationship online before you do so. Everyone has different boundaries and you may find that she does not want to put your fledgling relationship on the internet just yet.

Not on the first day

I recommend against going Facebook official on the same day that you decide to become a couple. Give your relationship some time to mature before you let it become public. Privacy at the start of a relationship is so important- you do not want to be fending off gossip in this time. It is also prudent to wait and see how you go for the first few weeks. You do not want the embarrassment of having to announce yourself as single two weeks after you have set yourselves to being in a relationship. However, there is one advantage of changing your status on that first day: you will have a record of your anniversary date.

The ideal time to change your status

After a few months of serious dating, it is time for your relationship to go public. Three months is an ideal time to change your status. By then, you have an idea of whether or not your relationship will last. If she has not brought up becoming Facebook official, start the conversation in a relaxed way. Your Facebook relationship status is quite a few steps below a marriage proposal, so do not treat it like one. You do not need to plan a fancy dinner to ask her to be your Facebook girlfriend; just ask casually.

Be aware that when you do change your relationship status, by default it will be posted as a ?life event? and shoot to the top of all your friends? timelines. After all, everyone loves knowing other people?s business. If you do not want the flurry of interest into your personal life, delete the post but retain the relationship status change.

On not changing your relationship status

Many people have the view that social media bears no relevance to real life, but your social media profiles are a reflection of your life. Often, people claim to be too private to put their relationship information online, but this attitude can be a cover for wanting to retain the appearance of being single. I have previously written about what it means when she does not want to be Facebook official– and it?s rarely for a good reason. If she is adamant about not wanting to change her relationship status but is otherwise an active user of Facebook, be on alert for suspicious behaviors.

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