How long should a quickie last??

Are you up for a challenge?

Here it is: I dare you to have a ?quickie? this weekend.

If you didn?t already know, a quickie = a short, fast f*ck.

But here?s the catch: BOTH of you have to cum, or it doesn?t count.

See, even though quickie sex is the opposite of an all-night pleasure fest, it can be JUST as hottt!

? But ONLY if you do it right.

So here?s a quick guide to having the perfect quickie 😉

Quickies need a reason

You can?t fake or force sexual frenzy if there?s no reason for it?like if you?re really just sitting at home with plenty of time and privacy.

But there ARE ways to create situations that naturally spark those feelings of urgency that give quickies their lusty fuel?

* Start sending your lady dirty text messages several hours BEFORE you meet up. Maybe even send her a pic of your cock;)

And of course, encourage her to respond with ?sexts? of her own!

This way, by the time finally see each in person, you?ll both already be so turned on that you?ll start furiously f*ckingbefore you even say ?hello?;)

For EXTRA heat, don?t waste time getting her naked?

Show her how uncontrollable your desire is, by pushing her panties to the SIDE (rather than taking them off) when you go to penetrate her pussy!

*Initiate sex in a public or semi-public place.

Go out to eat and see if you can get away with a quick f*ck in the restaurant?s bathroom.

Or duck behind some bushes in a public park.

Or sneak into a narrow ally way…

?The options are endless, so get creative!

And the great thing about public quickies is that the possibility of gettingcaught is a major turn on for women…

So you can skip the foreplay?and STILL make her cum!

Some quickies call for unusual positions

You CAN have a quickie in your own bedroom (like if your kids are about to come home from school, or there’s a pie in the oven that’s about to burn)…

But USUALLY, quickies happen in places where missionary position is NOT an option.

So it?s important learn a few go-to quickie poses beforehand, so you don’t have to fumble around for a good angle in the moment.

For a standing quickie, have her bend slightly forward at the waist and penetrate her from behind.

For a bathroom quickie, sit your lady on the sink (if it?s sturdy!).

For a nature-hike quickie, find a grassy spot and have her mount you (so she doesn?t worry about getting bugs and dirt caught in her hair).

There are lots of great quickie positions. So take some time to explore numerous options?and you?ll be ready for a fast f*ck in almost any setting!

Quickies require major ?cock-control?

The ideal length of quickie is 9?minutes.

Now that might not seem like a very long time?

But here?s the thing: 1/3 of all men have trouble lasting for more than 3 MINUTES

So even though quickies are shorter than standard sex ?there?s actually even more pressure on you to perform!

See, every second counts during a quickie?

?so you gotta get it up FAST and stay your HARDEST the whole time.

Plus, quickies tend to be hotter and more passionate than leisurely lovemaking?

Which is great?but it also makes it very easy for you to cum way too FAST!

And if you blow your load prematurely during a quickie, you WON?T get a second chance to redeem yourself!

So you need to have full control of your cock.

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