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Use the Scientific Method to Take Control of Your Training


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Science has a lot to say about exercise. It can tell us what works and what doesn’t, why it is that way, and how our bodies work in general. The further science goes, the better our workouts become. Unfortunately for most of us we know more about one than the other, when we should be trying to understand both.

It’s not only the science of how our body works that can help us workout more effectively. You can also turn to the scientific method as a way to boost your training. The way that scientists study things, has been scrutinized over and over, so that people don’t fall into common traps, and find the best paths to success free from human biases and opinions. Breaking Muscle notes how we can take advantage of the five-step process:

Step 3: Data Collection and Analysis

In some ways this is the easiest part of the process. In most cases all you need is a training journal, particularly if you’re testing something you can quantify like adding pounds to a certain lift or taking time off of a specific task. Track everything that may have an effect: your sleep, your nutrition, your recovery methods, sets, reps, times, when you worked out, etc. It may even be useful to keep track of some subjective measures, like your mood and how you were feeling overall. The more data you have, the more precise picture you’ll be able to paint and analyze later on.

From testing to analysis, conclusions and hypotheses, the scientific method has a lot to teach us about an effective program. Head over to Breaking Muscle to check out the other tips for merging science and your workout.

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