Girlfriend Like to Sleep a Lot? It Might be Good For Your Sex Life

Everyone loves some great sleep, but apparently it’s so good for us that getting some extra Z’s could lead to more sex…for the women that is. Some recent research has pointed to the fact that women’s sex drive can be raised if they get a little extra rest.

The study was done at the University of Michigan and asked its female participants to take careful notes about their sleeping schedule and about their sex life over the course of the two week study. They found a positive correlation between raised libidos and the nights that some extra hours of sleep were had.

The women who were in relationships (and therefore had a ready partner to handle that arousal), had a 14 percent higher chance of having sex the day after they got an extra hour of sleep.

The reasons behind this are not simply that the women were just rested and had more energy either. It might have more to do with how sleep (or lack thereof) affects our sex hormones.

The study author?David Kalmbach, Ph.D., explained:

?The driving force could be biological. Some prior research has shown that sleep increases sex hormones, which can influence feelings of sexual desire.?

Although there might not be the same type of sleep and sex drive correlation for men, research has found that men who have sleep disorders are more likely to experience sexual dysfunction as well. Let’s just say that getting a great night sleep isn’t going to hurt!

Not that it’s necessarily easy to get in more sleep when your schedule is packed, but it is possible. If sleeping in at all isn’t an option for your weekday schedule but you need more shut eye, try to go to bed just 15 to 30 minutes earlier at night. It might sound like a pain setting a bedtime for yourself, but once you start to wake up even a little bit more refreshed it will quickly become a habit and you won’t have to fight yourself about it at all. If you have a live in or stay over girlfriend, hopefully she’s open to getting in on this plan as well.

To make the falling asleep part a little smoother, try to avoid the TV and electronics for at least an hour before you want to go to sleep. A lot of people get in the habit of zoning out in front of the TV to wind down but its a lot more stimulating than you might think, especially due to the flashing lights. You’re better off reading a book for a while which can help truly relax you. Plus, most of us are back logged on books we want to get read anyway, so it’s a good way to start tackling the pile you’ve got next to your bed already. (Just be sure and pick up a real book instead of Avoiding electronics also means avoiding your smart phone which can be a challenge, but a great trick is to plug it in to charge…on the other side of the room.

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