Common Foods that Are Giving You Terrible Gas

There’s no way to stop having gas completely, but sometimes it reaches a point where calming down the intestines seems necessary. Changing up your diet is the first step, and making sure that you get regular exercise and drink plenty of water will help as well. Here are some common foods that might be giving you terrible gas.


Anytime you swallow air you are creating the need to release gas, and when you chew gum air is basically the only thing you will be swallowing. Adding to that, most sugar free gums are made with artificial sugars which alone can create gas. Also, research has found that sugar free foods can actually harm the gut bacteria which can lead to the developing of glucose intolerance. Glucose intolerance means that the body is basically in a pre-diabetic state.


Dairy products contain lactose which will create gas when eaten in high amounts, even if you aren’t lactose intolerant. Many people are to some extent however, and going into adulthood it can get worse. When we lack the enzyme lactase it makes it hard to break down the lactose. If skipping the dairy isn’t an option, try taking one of those supplements that aims to help break it down for you. Keep in mind that whey protein is dairy as well, so if you have trouble with protein shakes you might want to swap to a hemp version instead.


Vegetables are super high in fiber (which is good), but fiber is also hard to break down in the digestive system, which means that you’re going to have some air exiting. Darker green vegetables are going to be the most challenging, but don’t let this deter you from eating them because they’re nutritious and low in calories.


Condiments like salad dressings and jellies, as well as pickled foods can also be big gas offenders. Many condiments and sauces are high in sugar which is hard for the body to break down, and switching to the sugar free option won’t help either. You’re best off using healthier alternatives, such as olive oil and lemon as opposed to a sugary salad dressing, and mustard as opposed to ketchup.


Beans can create so much gas that there’s even a song about it. The reputation was built for a reason, beans have a ton of fiber and protein, both of which can slow things down in the digestive system. The longer they are in your body being broken down, the more gas will be produced. There isn’t a lot you can do once they’re in your system, but you can try to avoid eating them when you know you’ll be in a situation where letting it all out isn’t an option.


Nuts are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gassy foods, but again thanks to their high protein, fat, and fiber content they can be. Cashews in particular are the worst offender for some reason. You can however do something about it. The process of soaking nuts for a few hours and then dehydrating them actually makes them easier to digest. Since nuts are designed to make new life, they contain enzyme inhibitors that tell them when to sprout. When we eat them in the dormant state the can mess with the enzymes that we use to digest food. Soaking them speeds up their process and not only makes them easier on the body, but they become tastier as well.

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