5 Steps to Effective Flirting (And Why Flirting is Important)

Learning the Skill of Effective Flirting

Quiz: What?s the FIRST step to getting laid?

The correct answer is: Flirting;)

That?s right. Whether you want to convince a girl to go home with you, or want to make your wife feel frisky….

Sex ALWAYS starts with flirting!

And it doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 60…The better you are at flirting, the faster you can get laid. Period.

In fact, if you?re not having sex as often as you?d like…odds are, it?s because your flirting skills are WEAK.

Now, most guys aren?t born knowing how to flirt?but don?t worry.

Because it?s possible for any guy to learn?and quickly MASTER?the art of seductive banter & body language.

And today, I?m gonna teach you HOW!

Here are my ?5 Steps for Effective?Flirting?*

*That means the kind of flirting that ALWAYS leads to sex?

And if you?re trying to pick up a one night stand?seal the deal on a date?orgive your wife those butterflies she had when you first met?

?this 5-step trick will work every time;)

1. Give off positive vibes

Flirting is all about keeping things light, cheerful, and only subtly sexy?so don?t try too hard to be ?seductive.

And the point of flirting is to get her into a happy, carefree state of mind?

?so she stops thinking about problems at work, the fight she just had with her best friend (or maybe the boyfriend that?s waiting for her at home=)?

?and starts feeling playful, and adventurous!

To achieve this you need to smile big and keep your body very RELAXED when you first approach her.

For example, you can put your feet up?loosen your tie if you?re wearing one…lean back in your chair?or rest your arms behind your head.

Make sure you laugh and smile a lot?and AVOID any heavy topics. Even if she tries to talk about personal problems or politics or whatever?steer the conversation in a different direction right away!

You could even tell her a funny story about something slightly embarrassing that happened to you (this actually works REALLY well!).

Because once she see?s that YOU don?t take yourself too seriously, she will loosen up also.

In fact, she will actually start to feed off your positive energy, which will make her want to keep hanging around you…

…even if that means following you to BED!

2. Tease her

After you?ve put her in fun, spontaneous mood, it?s time to add a bit of tension to your interaction?just to keep her on her toes!

And teasing (or making jokes at her expense) is a great way to do this.

But for teasing to be a turn on, it?s important to find a happy medium between jabs that are too innocent to get her attention…and comments that are actually offensive (so as a rule, don?t pick on her appearance.)

Instead, try teasing her about being too pretty, or too smart, or too ambitious.

Choose something that you actually really LIKE about her and jokingly act like it?s a bad thing.

Example: If she has a great body, tease her about how much time she must spend at the gym?.or if she loves reading, tell her she needs to ?get out more??etc.

3. Find a non-sexual reason to touch her

Like I said, flirting should NOT be explicitly sexual.

In fact, if you act like you?re just paling around with her like she’s “just a friend”?.she?ll immediately start to wonder why you don’t seem attracted to her.

…And it will instantly make her want you (even if she didn?t before)!

So you can continue building the suspense by giving her a taste of your touch?but in way that keeps her guessing.

So don?t do anything obvious?like putting your hand on her lower back, or rubbing her thigh?

…Because that will give away your plan, and put HER back in control of the situation.

Instead, pretend there?s something icky caught in her hair?and reach over to pick it out.

Or challenge her to a ?thumb war? or arm wrestling contest.

Or say you want to teach her a secret handshake (that has lots of steps!).

Sure, it might seem a little juvenile?like pulling a girl?s pigtails on the playground.

But the ?silly touch? technique is actuallyextremely POWERFUL!

4.Get serious

Up until this point you?ve been keeping it light, fun, and very casual.

But it?s time to suddenly break that pattern?and get a little more serious.

Switch to a slightly deeper, slightly sexier topic of conversation?

Like a movie or love song that recently made you cry?or a goal you?d like to accomplish?

…or tell her something about yourself that you?ve ?never told anyone before”(even if you have!).

This unexpected change of pace will make her heart beat a little faster?make her feel emotionally connected?

?and make YOU suddenly seem mysterious, complex, and alluring!

Remember to change your body language during this step too: Lean in, deepen your voice, and make meaningful eye contact.

5.Now find a SEXUAL way to touch her!

By now she?s pretty much smitten. She has experienced a roller-coaster of emotions?she wants you to want her?her adrenaline is pumping?(and adrenaline feels GOOD)?

…So she doesn?t want the ride to end!

This is when you make your move.

Because at this point she?ll be so desperate to keep that emotional high going, that she won?t be able to resist another new sensation.

That means it’s NOW safe to put your hand on her lower back, rub her knee, or sensually massage her neck and shoulders?

I promise?if you performed steps 1-4 correctly, your touch will NOT be rejected?

In fact, she might lean in to kiss you FIRST;)

And just like that, you have successfully completed the flirtation phase?

?and are now GUARANTEED to get lucky!

You see, this easy 5-step flirtation technique is specially designed to get inside ANY girls head, making herpowerless against your advances.

And it can be performed from beginning to end in as little as 20 minutes?so you can get laid FASTER than ever before!

Just remember to make HER cum too!

Enjoy…and let me know how it goes;)


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