How to Date Multiple Women at Once

Whether it’s your intention to date a bunch of women at once, or it’s simply?a situation?that falls into your lap you’re going to want to do it right. The last thing you want to do is to pull a jerk move and get left with no one. Here are some things to consider when you’re going to be at once.

Be Honest About Your Intentions

You don’t have to open the date by telling the girl that you’re already dating someone else, but yeah at some point you might want to do that. Being clear about keeping your options open can go a long way because then the women are free to make their own decisions about whether they want to be involved or not. If you’re hiding it, you might be able to get a girl to stick around for a bit longer but when she finds out she’s not going to be thrilled. Some might even be pissed. And with the way that information gets circled around about people’s dating behaviors you could find yourself with an unsavory reputation real quick.

Have the Right Attitude About It

The reality of the situation is that if that’s what you want, you should be bold enough to ask for it, and demand the respect that you’re owed for being honest. If you feel weird or sneaky about it then the girls are going to feel weird about it too. If you’re just confident and open about who you are it will go a long way, and you might be surprised at how many girls are also totally down with the casual nature of your dating life. (Although, some of them will be holding out hope that eventually you might settle on one, so keep that in mind as you go along.)

Break it Off When Necessary

Don’t keep girls around just for the sake of having girls around. When someone starts to get too attached, or pushy about commitment, or is causing problems with the other women you’re dating, then it might be time for you to let her go. The issues will continue to escalate if you don’t deal with them, and when there are multiple people involved you owe it to the other girls to keep the peace. After all, isn’t that part of the reason for keeping things “casual” to begin with?

You also need to know when you’re getting a little confused, because either you want to make someone into a girlfriend or you don’t. It’s not healthy to have five fake relationships that are fulfilling some of your needs when you actually really just want a girlfriend.

Be Safe

It goes without saying that dating multiple people can mean sleeping with multiple people, and of course that has carries all the usual risks but tenfold. If your girls are also dating other men while they’re dating you, it’s easy to see how large of a pool you can be exposed to very quickly. No one wants an STD, and nor you do you probably want to knock up two different women the same month. Imagine that, and then stock up on the condoms.

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