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Sex Positions Women Secretly HATE?


Avoid THESE 5 Sex Positions

Most girls won’t tell you this, so I guess I have to…

Here’s the deal: There are a few “popular” sex moves that almost all women secretly HATE.

And I think it’s about time you knew what they are…

So that you can finally stop wasting your time on moves that are more likely to make a girl CRINGE…than they are to make her CUM!

Sixty-Nine (69)

In theory, 69-ing seems like the perfect oral sex position.

She’s blowing you…you’re licking her…

…everybody wins, right?


Sure, YOU get a unique view of her pussy and easy access to her ass (if that’s your thing)…all while laying comfortably on your back and getting blowjob!

For a guy 69-ing is a pretty sweet deal.

But for WOMEN this is both a physically uncomfortable position…and one that almost never leads to an orgasm.

You see, cumming requires a certain amount of focus.

So even if you’re working her clit like a professional pussy-eater…she can’t concentrate on how great it feels AND pleasure your shaft at the same time.

Then, throw in the challenge of having to be in basically a one-handed push-up position the entire time…

…and now she’s officially too distracted by muscle cramps and discomfort to even NOTICE anything you may be doing to her pussy (no matter how well you’re doing it)!

So don’t 69. Seriously, just don’t even bother…

Especially since you can still get that same, intoxicating view of her juicy goods by going down on her frombehind (while she’s in doggy-style position).

Bottom line: When it comes to oral sex, it’s always best to take turns;)

Overzealous Finger F*cking

I love getting fingered—most girls do!

And sometimes we DO want you to finger us good and hard;)

However, there is a line between getting fingered “hard”…and getting fingered TOO hard.

And it’s a line that get’s crossed by guysway too often.

I mean, we appreciate the enthusiasm…

But unless you’re doing a SPECIFIC g-spot stimulation technique (like Marcus London’s technique for inducing a “squirting” orgasm)…

…when it comes to foreplayfingering, after a certain point, pleasure turns to pain—and not the good ’50 Shades of Grey’ kind of pain either!

In fact, when you finger-bang a woman too aggressively (without aiming for a concrete pleasure point) a number of not-so-sexy things can happen…

You could scratch and tear her cervical tissue, causing it to bleed—or worse—get infected.

Or you could simply make her never want to sleep with you again because…well, because you’re hurting her!

Here’s a good rule of thumb: When you’re fingering a girl, stop and ask yourself “Can I go any harder?”

If the answer is NO…then you’re using too much force and need to tone it down.

Or better yet, make like a masseuse and just ASK “hey, how’s the pressure?”

After all, pleasing a woman isn’t about brute strength—it’s about tending to her needs.

Surprise Facials

Now, I’m not saying that girls NEVER want you to cum on their face.

Most of us find it to be perfectly tolerable (not every time you have sex, obviously)…

…But if it happens every now and then, a load to the face can actually be a naughty turn-on;)

HOWEVER, saving facials for “special occassions” isn’t the only ground-rule.

Facials also MUST to be announced in advance. Every. Single. Time.

That means you should never, ever abruptly pull out of whatever hole you’re f*cking and spray your seed in a woman’s face…without giving her a little ‘heads up,’ first!

Fortunately, it’s easy to do. A simple“I”m going to cum on your face” is all it takes.

And don’t worry, it’s just a formality. When given fair warning, girls will almost always agree to—or even welcome—a facial.

But an UNEXPECTED facial is NEVER okay.

And even a girl that genuinely enjoys feeling your spunk on her skin, will be VERY offended and irritated by an unannounced load to the face.

So if you ever get the urge to surpriseyour girl with a facial—it better be in the form of a spa gift certificate.

Nipple Twisting

There are lots of ways to stimulate the lovely female nipple.

Nipples like to be stroked, licked, sucked —sometimes even lightly tugged or gently flicked.

But the one thing our nipples WON’T stand for…is being twisted back and forth like a locker combination!

Reason #1: It doesn’t feel good. It hurts. And on top of that, it’s just plain annoying.

Reason #2: It causes girls to think you’re inexperienced—even if you’re not.

You see, nipple twisting is a common mistake among men of all ages…

…but that doesn’t change the fact that it makes you look like a clumsy 13-year-old, who’s touching breasts for the very first time.

Even girls that are into nipple clamps and bondage, won’t react positively to a sudden titty-twister!

Clamps are kinky. Twisting is immature.


Ugh, this one is a MAJOR point of frustration for women…

Their guy watches a porno….

He sees all kinds of crazy positions (upside down sex, handstand sex, twisted-into-a-pretzel sex, on the ceiling sex, etc)…

He sees that the girl on-screen seems to be enjoying herself…a LOT. She’s screaming and moaning and cumming and all over the place…

So naturally, he assumes that REAL women want to get f*cked in these positions too…

So he goes and tries to re-create them with his girl…

And guess what?

….She HATES every minute of it!

For one, the actors you see in adult films are professionals. They spend long hours TRAINING for these difficult positions.

So even if you’re young, agile, and go to the gym—you still probably won’t be able to successfully perform such physically demanding moves.

And that’s FINE…Unless you have sex on camera for a living, there’s no reason why you would ever need to!

Take it from me—just because a position looks challenging, doesn’t mean it FEELS good.

In fact, a girl will ALWAYS be more satisfied by a basic position that you’ve mastered (even if it’s missionary)…

…than a more complicated position you may not have the strength, stamina, or flexibility for.

After all, sex is supposed to be a fun, stress-free experience—not a grueling workout.

So if you want to spice things up, only try new positions that have been PROVEN to feel good in real life (like the ones I tell you about in my emails and videos!).

That way, you won’t be setting yourself up for failure (and your girl up fordisappointment!) by attempting moves that are likely only meant to LOOK appealing on camera.

…I hope you found this brief tutorial useful!

Maybe it will even keep you from making some deal-breaking bedroom blunders this weekend;)

And don’t feel bad if you’ve made any, or even all, of these mistakes in the past… Your sex-life isn’t doomed!

In fact, it’s about to get better.

Because NOW you’ll never be guilty of these devastating (but very common) mistakes again…

…While OTHER guys will keep on making them!



PS: Are there any other techniques or positions that you aren’t sure of (like, you don’t know if girls really like them or not)? If so, hit “reply”…describe them …and I’ll let you know what ladies REALLY think. You can always count onme to be honest!

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