How to Boost Your Protein at Breakfast

Because You’re Probably Not Getting Enough

Some research suggests that men?benefit from getting around 30 grams of protein at breakfast, but most aren’t. Fueling up with that much protein at the beginning of the day can not only help you fuller longer, but it also helps to make your muscle growth more efficient. The problem is that even when guys are eating breakfast, they’re still getting the majority of their protein in the last meal of the day. Here are some ways to boost your protein intake in the morning without having to cook?a million eggs.

Let’s start by stepping things up with protein bagels. Did you know these existed? They do. If you’re going to eat a bagel you might as well make it a protein infused one, which will then add to the protein count of whatever else you put on top. A great high protein topping is lox, and the salmon also has plenty of healthy fat to keep you feeling satisfied. Since you’re getting the fat from the salmon, you can skip on the less healthy fat in the cream cheese and go with a low fat version.

If you want to go vegetarian, you can also top your bagel with some peanut butter and top it off with hemp seeds. The peanut butter will give you that healthy, filling fat, and the gooey deliciousness that makes it a favorite across all ages. Hemp seeds will also give you healthy fats, as well as tons of protein. Hemp seeds are actually a whole source of protein as far as the amino acids go, and they have tons of nutrients. Some people even swear that hemp seeds keep them full for crazy long and reduce their appetite so much that they lose weight.

Hemp seeds of course are also a great topping for something like oatmeal, which alone is not going to be enough protein for the average person. Another way to step up the protein count of your oatmeal is to mix in some protein powder. Flavored or not it can blend in pretty well and give you the protein you need without having to double the size or calorie count of your meal.

Protein pancakes are another great option for breakfast since they’re easy to make and normal pancakes can’t even hold a candle to them. Traditional pancakes are basically just empty carbs with sugar poured on top, but now there are so many recipes around that turn that on its head and make breakfast healthy as well as delicious. You can make a protein pancake out of protein powder, pumpkin, and oats; eggs, cottage cheese, and flour; coconut flour and eggs; Greek yogurt, eggs, and protein powder…you can see that the options are sort of endless.

Now just because you’re going to be getting tons of protein at breakfast from now on doesn’t mean you should be neglecting it the rest of the day.?If you’re an active guy you should be aiming to get somewhere between .5 and .7 grams of protein each day for each pound that you weigh.

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