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How to read her body language

How to tell she is interested by simply looking at her

Reading a woman?s body language as you interact will give you an easy way to gauge if she is interested in you. Us humans are largely unaware of our body language, so you may be able to tell that she wants you before she is prepared to admit it to herself. Look for several indicators that she is interested- just one body language cue does not give you sufficient information.

Feet pointed towards you

When standing in a group, your feet naturally point to the person you like best. Take a look at her feet to see if she may be crushing on you- or on some other guy in the group. Even in a one-on-one interaction, the direction of her feet is still important. If her feet are pointing away from you, then she is hoping to escape the conversation.

Watch her arms

Crossed arms indicates that she is uncomfortable. It may be that she is anxious in social situations, but more than likely, it shows that she is less than impressed with you. Conversely, brushing her forearm against yours or touching your forearm as she talks are strong signs that she is flirting with you.

More frequent blinking

A person?s rate of blinking is moderated by how they feel at any given time. If she blinks more frequently than usual, she is interested in you. Or, maybe she has something stuck in her eye. Excess blinking is inconclusive on its own, but keep an eye out for it in combination with other signals of interest.

Dilated pupils

When you make eye contact with her during conversation, pay attention to the size of her pupils. They will dilate when she is looking at someone she finds attractive.

Note that you are looking for a change in pupil size. Big pupils on their own do not tell you much. Ambient light conditions affect the size of the pupil; in a poorly-lit bar, her pupils will be dilated to let more light in, regardless of her interest in you. It is easier to read this signal in well-lit conditions, when her pupils would otherwise be contracted.


We tend to copy the body language of people we interact with, but only if we like them. Without noticing, she will adjust her posture and body positioning to match yours. Be careful- you may think you are picking up her interest as your body language matches, but it could be that you are actually mirroring her. We also match our voices to those of people we are interested in. She will adjust the speed and volume of her speech in accord with yours. You may even notice entire changes in temperament when she interacts with you, as she tries to show you that she is similar to you and therefore would be a good match. For example, if you are the reserved type, she may be an extroverted and loud party girl, that shows her quiet side when she talks to you.


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