What you need to know about Russell Westbrook’s clothing line

Fill your basket with these stylish pieces

Famous basketballer Russell Westbrook has tried his hand at a fashion collaboration with Barneys. His ostentatious and off-beat style has been captured by the collection, which features unique casual and sports performance gear. The bold style of the collection gives a youthful impression, and would look a little ridiculous on anyone over the age of about thirty.

Those in the public eye have long been fashion icons, but it is only recently that basketballers have been regarded as trendsetters. While there are many famously fashionable professional players, Westbrook is the best known for bringing couture to the courtside.

The high point: Stylish sportswear

Most of the collection is a triple collaboration, featuring sports brand Jordan. Bringing together functional sportswear with breathtaking style, the sportswear collection will inspire you to perform at your best. Cloud prints are a recurring theme in the collection, whether on a mesh tank or basketball shorts.

Taking pride of place in the collection are compression pants featuring a cockpit print. Numerous dials cover the thighs and calves of the wearer, with a brief patch of blue sky across the knees. Compression tights are rarely said to be thought provoking, but these are truly artistic. The $165 compression pants are the highlight of the collection, with the same print available on a mesh tank top (not to be worn at the same time as the tights).

The low point: Del Toro shoes

Westbrook?s shoe collection with Barneys is a collaboration within a collaboration, with luxury Italian shoemakers Del Toro Shoes brought into the mix. The shoe collection comprises of three slipper-style shoes, which are slimline with a small heel. Each priced at $395, the slippers are like something a pseudo-gangster would wear.

This is actually the second collaboration between Westbrook and Del Toro, with the first collection being even worse. Westbrook?s love of prints spilled over into his first shoe collection, with some plain ugly results. If you ever find yourself pondering if you should drop $400 on a pair of slightly fluffy, leopard print slippers, you should seriously re-think your life choices.

Glasses sold separately

Westbrook became known for his signature style in 2012, when he wore red glasses frames and a crazy Prada shirt to a press conference. Many people ridiculed his look, but he sparked a trend. Westbrook did not allow his style to grow stagnant, and wore glasses without lenses to many press conferences throughout the season, picking plastic frames in a range of shapes and colors. The Barneys collaboration does not feature his signature glasses, but you can obtain glasses approved by the man himself through his own glasses business: Westbrook capitalised on the momentum of his glasses by creating Westbrook Frames. I would not recommend going the route of wearing glasses bereft of lenses, but if you are in the market for unique glasses, check out his optical range, which is surprisingly affordable.


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