The Ultimate Penetration “Orgasm” ( step by step guide)

Secrets of the Penetration Orgasm

Being a great lover means keeping ALL the skills I’ve taught you fresh in your mind…

…because you never know when the situation may call for a SPECIFIC move or position.

Now, I know I?ve given you THOUSANDS of naughty tips, techniques, and suggestions over the years…

…all of which are guaranteed to ?wow? any woman…

But I also realize that so much sexy information can be HARD to remember!

That?s why I advise my sex-gods-in-training to pull up one of my old emails every now and then?

?and do a quick review to refresh your memory of techniques you may have forgotten.

You HAVE been saving all my emails?right?

Don?t worry, I won?t be mad if you haven?t!

In fact, I recently realized that a lot of guys have to delete my emails?

?because they don’t want their wives or girlfriends to discover the REAL reason they?ve been having such mind-blowing orgasms;)

So every now and then, I like to send out a ?review? of past sex tips?

This way you can brush up on my most IMPORTANT material?without digging through your inbox.

(Of course, if you haven’t been on my for very long, then you’ll be seeing this information for the FIRST time ever!).

Anyway, I think today is a good time to brush up on, perhaps the most powerfulpleasure technique I’ve ever revealed…

The ULTIMATE Penetration Orgasm!

This move will make a girl cum so hard, that she’ll never want sex from anyone but YOU…

The steps are all laid out below, so study hard;)

Step 1: The Start-Up

This technique starts as soon as you are ready to penetrate her.

Hopefully you?ve got her nice and wet for you with some of my foreplay techniques… and now it?s time to take it home!

Slowly enter her with just the tip of your manhood…

And when I say ?slowly?… I mean it! The point of this is to tease her so take it easy there stud!

Then, once you are in just past the tip, slowly start to pull OUT!

Go as far as you can without falling out completely… then slowly push just the tip back in again.

Step 2: The Build-Up

Now here?s where the fun begins!

What you are going to do now is begin to tease her like NO MAN has ever done before!

You see, just about every guy when he first penetrates a woman is so happy to be inside of her that he just starts pounding away.


Starting off slow and working your way up is better than starting out fast… but what you are going to do now is the NEXT LEVEL 😉

After you put in just the tip and start to pull out, push back in with just the tip again… Then… do it again. You are going to do this 9 times.

And not until the 10th stroke do you give her your full manhood!

So… that?s 9 shallow strokes, then 1 deep!

No matter how much she begs you or drives your hips into yours… do not give her the deep stroke until it?s time!

That way, when you DO give it to her after the 9 shallow ones… you are going to feel MASSIVE inside of her!

Step 3: Tease Time

Now, after you?ve given her that deep stroke, do you start pounding away?

No way jose! Now it?s time to really show her who?s in control here!

This time, you are going to give her 8 shallow strokes… then reward her with 2 deep ones!

Then 7 shallow strokes, and 3 deep.

Then 6 shallow, and 4 deep.

Then 5 and 5.

Around This Time Your Girl Is Gonna Start To Absolutely LOSE IT!

She?ll be grinding her hips closer to you during the shallow strokes… craving more and more of your cock!

But don?t give it to yet! Stick to the pattern…

4 shallow, then 6 deep.

3 shallow, then 7 deep.

2 shallow, then 8 deep strokes.

1 shallow, then 9 deep strokes.

So just so we are on the same page, here is the entire pattern:

9 shallow, then 1 deep.

8 shallow, then 2 deep.

7 shallow, then 3 deep.

6 shallow, then 4 deep.

5 shallow, then 5 deep.

4 shallow, then 6 deep.

3 shallow, then 7 deep.

2 shallow, then 8 deep.

1 shallow, then 9 deep.

Then, do it backwards!

2 shallow, then 8 deep.

3 shallow, then 7 deep.

Etc etc.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your deep strokes are SLOW. Let her feel your entire manhood slowly enter her. And watch her eyes roll back into her head 😉

Step 4: Drive It Home

Ok, now that you?ve gone through the entire cycle, your girl is going to be WETTER than she?s ever been before!

She may have already cum a few times, that?s totally normal =)

Now, it?s time to finally drive it home!

Put her into your favorite position… and give it to her hard and good!

Use a steady rhythm, and whatever position it is (it doesn?t matter much after you do this!)… hold that position steady also ? don?t change too soon.

And get ready… because your girl is gonna have the most INTENSE penetration orgasm of her entire life!

I guarantee it =)


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