Should you bring flowers on a first date?

It is pass? to bring a bunch of flowers?

Big romantic gestures are not well suited to today?s dating world. Bringing your date flowers is a risky move, and one that should not be attempted. Flowers are a thoughtful gift when you are already in a relationship, but are just too over the top when you first start dating. These are the reasons you should not bring a bunch of flowers on the first date, as well as some better ideas for a present you could bring on a second date.

No, you should not bring flowers

Bringing flowers is a clich?, and is not suited for the current world of dating. Perhaps bringing flowers was appropriate fifty years ago, but in today?s dating world of swiping right, pursuing casual relationships, and dating multiple people at the same time, a bunch of flowers comes across as outdated. It also may make your date feel like she owes you something for the flowers, which will be extremely awkward if your date does not go well. Bringing flowers also puts too much pressure on the date to be overly romantic. You want her to focus on getting to know you and enjoying your company, rather than worrying about your contrived attempt to woo her.

It makes you appear less confident

You are not sure if you are good looking enough, so you decided to supplement your failings by bringing a big bunch of roses. At least, this is the message she will get upon being presented with flowers. A confident guy does not feel the need to make up for his existence by bearing a gift. Bringing an unwanted present on your very first date makes you come across as a weirdo.

Do not bring a different gift

Bringing any kind of gift on a first date is just awkward. It will make her feel like you are trying to buy her affections, and she may also feel bad that she did not get you a gift as well. Whatever gift you bring, whether flowers, chocolates or something more personalised, is going to create more awkwardness than it is worth on a first date.

Can you bring a gift on your second date?

It is much less awkward to bring a gift on a second or subsequent date, but make it small. It is best if you can bring a personal gift, as opposed to a generic bunch of flowers. Do not bring a bottle of wine (or worse, a bottle of vodka). This is an overly presumptuous move and will be off-putting to some women. If she mentioned she loves a particular kind of chocolate, get that for her. You could even get her something based on an in-joke. A personalised gift is far more thoughtful, and helps build a connection between you. Do not go for an overly expensive gift, and do not feel obliged to bring a gift.

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