How to Add Inches to Your Manhood (6 fast-acting tips)

How to Make Your Manhood Bigger

When was the last time you measured your manhood?

Come on, I know ALL guys do it;)

But I never really understood why.

After all, size doesnt matter…well, not that much.

For example, my friend Hannah just started dating a guy with something called a ?micropenis? (definition: a cock that?s 2 inches or less when erect)?

?And she can?t stop RAVING about how good the sex is!

?I don?t know how he does it, but his 2 inches feel like 12 every time we do it!? she told me the other day.

So I let Hannah in on a little secret: A few sex-savvy men out there know how to make their shaft feel HUGE during sex?

?whether it?s 2 inches, 5 inches, 7inches?

And these tricks even work to make ameaty 9-incher feel BIGGER.

Well, today I?m going to teach you exactly how it?s done!

After all, girls don?t care about size?they care about SENSATION.

In fact, if you don?t regularly create the illusion of increased girth and length,even a large penis can start to feel tinyto woman you?ve been with for a while.

And a small cock can be a major setback from the get-go?but only if it FEELS small.

Fortunately there are a few sneaky techniques that can instantly make your shaft feel?and even look? more massive…

Hope you’re ready to take notes;)

1. Add a Finger

Dim the lights and pick a position that doesn?t explicitly showcase cock-in-pussy contact?and luckily a lot of very hot positions don?t!

(I particularly recommend missionary,doggy-style – or some version of ?from behind? entry , or even reverse cowgirl.)

Then, use your hand to guide your cock inside her like you normally would?

But tilt your wrist so that 1 or 2 (maybe even 3 or 4!) of your fingers slip inside her pussy along with your shaft…

…And keep your hand on your shaft (and fingers in her pussy) the entire time you?re f*cking her.

Your fingers will add a LOT of very pleasurable girth and length to your cock?giving her the exact same sensation she?d get from a massive member.

PLUS, your fingers can move in ways that a penis can?t.

So if you bend them, twist them, spread them apart, etc?

…you?ll be able to hit more of those hidden sweet spots inside her pussy!

Which means that your every thrust will feel intense, exciting, and give her more pleasure than even the biggest shaft ever could.

Now, even though it?s easy to keep this trick a secret from your girl (seriously, she?ll be too turned on to check and see what?s actually going on down there)?

?you actually don?t HAVE to hide your fingers.

Because for most women (myself included) the idea of being finger-f*ckedduring penetration is very titillating?

?and definitely not something you should be embarrassed about doing!

In fact, WATCHING it happen is actually very erotic;)

2. Put a ?Plug? in it

A girl doesn?t have to love anal sex to be excited by a little ?back door? exploration.

So if you gently slip a digit (index or middle finger) inside her bum during sex…chances are it?ll be very well-received;)

And that?s good news for YOU.

You see, light anal penetration doesn’t’ just feel naughty, exciting, and super arousing to a woman?

It also makes your penis instantly feel THICKER in her pussy!

That?s because when you use your finger to fill up some space in her ?back door? tunnel, it creates less room up front?.

So her will vagina instantly feel TIGHTER?and as a result your cock will feel BIGGER in it.

This trick is a real double-whammy for female pleasure?

Because it combines the thrill of a finger in her ass?with the sensation of a larger shaft in her pussy!

3. Trib

You?ve probably seen tribbing (also called ?scissoring?) in girl-on-girl videos?if not, it?s is when two women grind their clits together to achieve orgasm.

And believe me, tribbing feels so GOOD that even straight girls who?ve tried it will tell you that it made them forget all about men for a minute;)

But tribbing is actually a technique thatmen can use too.

In fact, I wish guys would use it more often?even if they?re well endowed.?Of course, tribbing is EXTRA helpful if your cock happens to be on the smaller side.

It?s very easy to do…

Rather than thrusting your penis in and out of her hole, use your shaft on her CLIT instead.

Be sure to frequently change up the amount of pressure on her clitoris?as well as the speed?you grind down on it.

You should also switch between sliding your cock up and down…side to side…?and in a circle against her pleasure bud?

And a smaller cock gives you an ADVANTAGE?because it lets you transition more smoothly between each of these motions.

In fact, in order to really mimic that sweet clit-on-clit sensation, it?s actually better to NOT be fully erect while tribbing…

So this technique is great when you just can?t seem to get hard?or you?ve had too much to drink;)

Now, tribbing is great foreplay?but I recommend doing it until she CUMS!

It might take a little longer, but the mind-blowing clitoral orgasm your girl isguaranteed to have will make it worth your while…

Because she?ll start to see your cock as the ultimate pleasure tool…and forget all about its actual size!

4. Pick Strategic Point of Entry

Certain positions really DO make your penis feel thicker, longer?and all-around bigger?during sex.

A lot has been written on this topic, (just Google ?sex positions that make a man?s penis feel bigger? and you?ll get TONS of helpful diagrams)…

But as a RULE, positions that require penetrating a girl?s pussy from behind, tend to work best.

Whenever I?m dating a a guy with a smallish cock, my personal go-to position is doggy-style.

Doggy-style allows your cock to enter at an angle that MAXIMIZES the intensity of penetration?and let?s you go deeper than most other positions.

And the higher up she holds her hips, the more massive your shaft will feel.

So make sure her face and chest are FLAT on the bed (because it instantly jacks her hips and pussy UPWARDS), and don?t let her knees travel too far apart (or she?ll lose elevation)?

…And your cock will feel 3 times its size from the moment you enter until the second you cum!

5. Get a Trim

If you want a larger-looking cock, grooming can go a LONG way?literally.

You see, size, like anything else, is a matter of PERCEPTION.

So trim your man-bush using a beard trimmer or a small pair of scissors?

?and your new, minimized pubes will make your cock (and balls!) lookmaximized by comparison!

But be careful not to overdo it. After all women want a MAN not a prepubescent boy (so think ?neatly manicured lawn?? not ?barren desert).

6. Get Rid of Your Gut

Like man-scaping, this is meant to create the visual effect of a larger package.

You see, being in shape isn?t about looking good (girls really don?t care whether you have a six-pack or not)?

But staying lean DOES have an effect on how large your cock looks (and girls do enjoy looking at a sizable shaft).

So if your belly hangs over your manhood?we can?t get a good view of it.

If your penis is getting lost in folds of skin?how is it supposed to make a powerful first impression?

And even if you?ve got a big cock?carrying around extra body mass is sure to scale down its splendor!

And since women use all of their senses during sex?

?what they SEE can heavily influence what they FEEL.

So even though a leaner body doesn?t actually make your cock feel bigger during sex?it?ll convince her EYES that you?re packing some serious heat!

I?m so happy Hannah reminded me about these game-changing techniques for faking a fuller, more SATISFYING, phallus!

Because bigger isn?t better?but it helps.

After all, I often tell you about foods, supplements, and exercises that turbocharge your stamina, and give you firmer, longer-lasting hard-ons?

?but at the end of the day, your SIZE is up to you.

And now you?re among the men who know that?you really CAN control how big your shaft feels during sex!

So go on. Get your girl naked, try these techniques?

…and experience the bigger-dick difference;)


PS: Don?t be surprised if your lady suddenly tells you to ?go slow.? A massive-feeling cock can be hard to handle at first!

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