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6 Unexpected Ways to Live Stronger for Longer

Today, the average life expectancy for an American falls at somewhere around 78.7 years. Of course, whether you live in a happy and healthy world up to that point ? or even exceed the average age ? will depend largely on your genes. However, there are a number of factors associated with longevity that might actually be within your control.

Some of the keys to a longer, stronger lifestyle are obvious; like improving the amount of time you spend exercising, sticking to a nutritious diet, and staying away from cigarettes and dangerous substances as much as possible. Other habits, however, are somewhat less apparent. Check out some of the surprising lifestyle choices and habits that could actually add years to your life.

1. Have More Sex

Most of us don’t really need an excuse to get more rolls in the hay. But the truth is that more sexual interactions could be an ideal way to extend your life. Various studies imply that there is a link between the length of your life, and how many orgasms you have on a regular basis. For example, a study in 1997 showed that men who had more orgasms were typically less likely to die of heart disease than those who weren’t as sexually active.

This does not mean have sex with anyone who walks down the street. Your life could be much shorter if that is the case. You should have higher standards than Jesse Pinkman does in Season 1 of Breaking Bad and not follow the sexual activities of Marlo Stanfield in The Wire.

While sex feels incredible, it also gives us the opportunity to exercise just about every muscle within the body. Over time, studies have shown that more sex can be enough to reduce stress, boost the body’s immune response, and even improve appetite control.

2. Go Nuts for Nuts

Nuts have more health benefits than you might have ever imagined. Whether you stir them into your yogurt, sprinkle them on your salad, or simply enjoy them as a snack throughout the day?studies have shown that people who eat nuts numerous times a week have a reduced risk of mortality in comparison to those who ate nuts less frequently.

You should wash the salt off of them though.

Nuts are high in unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, and can help to lower your chances of suffering from heart disease. Some scientists even suggest that they may improve your chances of steering clear from diabetes too!

3. Stop Drinking Soda

Even if you don’t necessary have a weight problem, drinking too much soda could be a surefire way to shorten your lifespan ? according to studies provided by the American Journal of Public Health. Research conducted over a period of five years found a connection between the chromosomes linked to aging, and soda intake. The same link has not yet been found in accordance with diet soda, but other research has suggest that drinking large amounts of diet soda can lead to depression, type 2 diabetes, and weight gain.

4. Start more Mornings with Coffee

Drinking a delicious mug of coffee isn’t just a delicious way to kick start your day ? it can also improve your lifespan as well. It can do this by reducing the number of chronic diseases you are at risk suffering from. Studies have shown that drinking coffee may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Just try not to overdo it. Too much caffeine can trigger insomnia and anxiety and lead to issues with calcium absorption.

Make sure you brush your teeth a lot too.

5. Sleep Soundly

How well you sleep can also play a big part in how long you live. Various pieces of research have linked sleep deprivation to increased mortality rates, and other studies have shown that reduced sleep could increase your risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Though some people need more sleep than others, most experts agree that seven hours a night is usually enough.

Too bad the US navy does not believe that!

6. Run More Often

You don’t need to spend hours a day running in order to lengthen your lifespan. Various studies have shown that your life expectancy could be elongated when you run for as little as five to ten minutes every day. Even if you don’t run very fast, the increased cardio will help to improve your heart and lung function ? leading to an improved lifespan. Run speed means very little here. You are not trying out for the track team.

Of course, sticking to the program will deliver the best results. This is because folks who run regularly are likely to receive the most benefit.

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About Benjamin Roussey Benjamin is from Sacramento, CA. He has two master’s degrees and served four years in the US Navy. He enjoys sports, movies, reading, and current events when he is not working online.

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