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Three Tests to Tell if She is Into You


Simple tricks that determine if a girl is interested in you

Honesty is important, but there is such a thing as too much honesty, especially when you are not in a relationship yet. While ‘tests’ are generally frowned upon, these tricks to find out if a girl likes you are easy and not too dishonest. They may even be part of your normal behavior.

Asking outright is one of my favorite approaches, but not everyone has the confidence to do so. The direct approach can also come across as awkward, which is terrible when you are already an awkward person. These unobtrusive tests are subtle and can be executed without any embarrassment on your part.

Do use this tests in conjunction with paying attention to her body language- reading her body is still the best trick in your arsenal.

Compliment reaction

Give her a genuine compliment, and see how she reacts. The compliment should be something to convey your romantic interest- saying that her shoes are nice is not a particularly good compliment. Compliment her on an attribute, whether it is a physical or personality trait. Then, carefully observe her reaction.

If she seems uncomfortable, she is most definitely not into you (and do not attempt to compliment her again, it will only make things worse). If she politely thanks you, she might only see you as a friend. However, if she appears to be delighted by the compliment, it is a sign that she is interested in you.

Innocent physical contact

Initiate some sort of physical contact- but not in a sexual way. You might brush against her arm, or reach across her to grab something. If she tries to prolong the physical contact, she definitely is interested in you.

Tread carefully with the physical contact test, because if you do it too much, you will come across as really creepy. You also should not use this test unless you suspect she is into you, and you are just confirming.

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Ask her for a favor

Have you ever done a favour for a woman, just because you have the hots for her? It is human nature to go out of our way to impress someone. Rather than doing her a favor to show your affections, turn it around by asking her do something for you. A small favor, like getting you a drink, is best- you do not want to inconvenience her too much. If she is more than happy to do a favor for you, then she is into you.

Pay close attention to how she reacts to being asked. It is one thing to do a favor for someone because you are a considerate person, but quite another to jump at the chance to do a favor. If she complies reluctantly, then she is just being nice and has no intentions of pursuing anything with you. As always, do not use this test too many times, or you will come across as a user.

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