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How to Stay Motivated with Small Wins

Today I just wanted to quickly talk about a strategy that has helped me out a lot over the years.

And its a strategy that I?ve used in multiple areas of my life when I was trying to change or improve at something.

The main idea of this strategy is ?small wins.?

See, the biggest thing most of us struggle with is staying motivated to see the change through.

For instance, if you bought one of my programs to improve your game with girls, chances are at first
you were very motivated, then over time, it sort of dwindles?

The main reason this happens is because the ?Goal? is either too abstract (ie. you don?t have a clear
idea of what ?better game? looks like) or the goal seems too distant and unachievable.

This is why its important to score some ?small wins? consistently.

Now, here?s the thing, you really need to design things so that you WIN.

For instance, a few years back I wanted to lose about 20 pounds. At the time I was in a binge of eating like shit and not working out.

And the goal of losing 20 pounds felt almost impossible and I wasn?t even sure if I could accomplish it.

So what I did was focus on one small win I could do daily.

For me, that small win was drinking a protein shake for breakfast instead of eating a bagel or muffin like I had normally been doing.

That small win turned into a habit over the next month.

And soon, I began targeting other ?small wins? like taking the stairs up to my 12th floor apartment every day instead of the escalator.

Every time I accomplished one of these wins I felt MOMENTUM and HOPE.

Here is the secret: Small Wins add up.

And six months later I had actually lost 27 pounds, began building muscle, and was in the best shape of my life.

This strategy is something I also did when I first started trying to improve my game with women.

For me, as a VERY SHY guy, a small win was simply having a conversation with a girl. Then a small win turned into getting a few flirty lines out before the conversation ended, then it became asking for the number (even if I was rejected I still counted it as a win).

Small Wins add up.

So if right now, you?re looking out and wondering how you can finally make that change you want to make, start thinking about what the small wins would be that add up.

From a football analogy, the goal is always to move 10 more yards to get the first down.

What is your first down? Your second down?

Its worth taking some time right now to jot down some ?wins? you could accomplish this week.

It might be the ?kick start? you need.

A lot of building confidence is all about small wins.

So, what is a small win with building confidence?

How about gaining the ability to look a girl in the eye and hold eye contact?

For me, eliminating the nervousness that came with holding eye contact was a huge breakthrough?

There is a saying that everyone has a ?rider? and an ?elephant.?

The rider knows what he needs to do, but its often hard to motivate the elephant to do it.

This is a trick to help you accomplish it.


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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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