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Common Diet Obstacles That are Easy Overcome

Healthy eating and living well is a lifetime commitment, but naturally like any other commitment it might have its ups and downs. In an effort to cut the downs out however, we got together some common and what you can do to get passed them. Read on.

Eating Too Fast

Eating too quickly can really backfire when we’re trying to keep our body weight in check. Some research has found that people who slowed down to eat were less likely to eat candy later in the day than people who ate quickly and didn’t pay much attention to their meal. This might be be?because our brains register how much we’re eating in a different way when we actually do it as a reasonable pace.

Similarly eating mindlessly as some of the same effects. People who eat while they are watching TV or computer games leads to eating more in general, and eating more of high sugar and high fat foods. Makes sense, if you’re not paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth you might not be so discerning about what it is to begin with.

Shopping Without a List

Heading to the grocery store without a list is a recipe for disaster…especially if you’re hungry. We are so much more likely to impulse buy when we don’t have a clear mapped out strategy in our head. Stores are carefully designed to make us buy stuff so it’s not just because of your lack of impulse. Make a list each time you head to the store and don’t waver from it for a sale unless it’s something you were already going to purchase.

Cheating at Night

There is some room in any diet for some “cheat” food here and there, like a bit of chocolate or whatnot. But some research has found that eating it during the day is going to have a better effect on the body than eating it late at night since your metabolism still has time to go to work burning it off.

Too Many of Your Calories Come in Liquid Form

Drinking too many calories in general can be a huge issue, especially if you’re filling your day with sugary sports drinks, coffee drinks, or sodas. Those are just completely empty calories that should be ditched pronto, and the fructose in sweet drinks don’t curb your hunger at all. But research has also shown that getting the same amount of calories from a liquid meal as opposed to a solid meal affects the body differently. When people drink their calories the body doesn’t drop the hunger hormone ghrelin as much as it does when you eat a meal that you chew.

Going for Low Fat Foods

In theory low fat foods are lower in fat and calories than their full fat counterparts, but because of that people tend to eat more of them because it sounds like a good deal. So you might not end up saving on calories at all, and might even eat more. Plus, healthy fat is good for us and can help keep hunger at bay before the next meal comes around.


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