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4 sex tips (for REAL men only)

4 Ways to Turn Women on in Bed

All women are different…but there’s ONE THING that they all?want and CRAVE when it comes to sex…

Which is a REAL man 😉

And unless you know exactly what it takes to be the kind of man that EVERY single women is fantasizing about…then you can be sure she’ll get bored pretty FAST.

So here are the 4 “manly” things that EVERY woman wants from the guy she’s sleeping with…and what you have to do to get praised and worshipped for many nights to come =)

Wish #1) Get Perverted!

Did you ever notice how super pervs like “The Situation” always seem to have hot girls crawling all over them?

The reason that’s the case is because nice guys are too busy trying to be polite and sweet to women…

While the “rude guys” are noticing AND TELLING your girl how hot her legs look in that skirt…

Which actually makes her feel sexy and desirable even if she acts repulsed by it!

Your girl wants you to notice her cleavage in her new dress?and grab her butt when she bends over…

…because it means?you think she’s irresistably sexy.

So next time you’re in bed, don’t hesitate to be more grabby with her naughty parts…and be sure to tell her how HOT you’re getting just from looking at her…

She’ll definitely get even hotter and wetter for you once you unleash your inner pervert in bed 😉

Wish #2) Master The Art of Chivalry

A real man knows how to be chivalrous…and I’m not talking about opening doors and picking up the tab either.

I’m talking about wining and dining your girl’s SEXUAL appetite…something even a lot of “gentlemen” have no clue how to do!

Too many guys nag girls for sex and always want her to try things THEIR WAY…

But a REAL gentleman knows how to put his girl’s sexual needs FIRST.

Your girl wants you to be THE MAN by knowing how to REALLY get her juices flowing, by knowing exaclty what buttons to push, by making her cum first…and by making her cum HARDER than any man ever has.

Once you know exactly what it takes to get the job done…you can be sure to get anything YOU want in bed for plenty of nights to come 😉

Wish #3) Be Dark and Mysterious

There’s a reason women are drawn to the strong and silent type…

It’s because they don’t know what to expect with them!

And when it comes to being the man in bed…girls get so hot and wet for the guys with secret tricks up their sleeves.

Women get bored with sex when it becomes predictable and when they know exactly what to expect.

So in order to pull off the manly mysterious look, make sure you’re up to date on the hottest, steamiest ways to push her pleasure buttons when she LEAST expects it…and make her cum in ways that she NEVER knew possible!

Wish #4) Acquire A Special Skill In The Sack

Men with highly specialized tasks ALWAYS get the girls….just think of how CRAZY women go for rock stars, quarterbacks, and JAMES BOND.

The reason women can’t resist these guys is because not EVERY GUY can be them…these men are the ones that live on the edge and take risks when other guys WON’T…

These are the guys that have the skills that make them IRREPLACEABLE by any random average Joe…and THAT’S the guy you need to be!

Just think…did Mick Jagger or Tommy Lee have stand-ins if they couldn’t perform?

No because NOBODY could do what they did.

And that’s exactly what your girl wants out of you when it comes to sex…

So make sure to remember these 4 manly rules the next time you’re with a woman…

And I promise that?she’ll finally see you as The Man that she’s always wanted…

…and do everything in her power to keep YOU around…

…insteading of making you do all the work!


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P.S. – You’re always asking for pics…so here’s one of me having some fun with a friend;)

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