Top 5 Orgasm Killers

Don’t let bad sex ruin the holidays…

After all, what your girl REALLY wants is big juicy orgasm…

So please pay attention to this special report I’ve put together…

…to keep your bedroom gift from becoming a bedroom GAFFE!

The Top 5 Orgasm Killers (and how to make sure she has one every time)?

Killer #1) Putting on the pressure when you should be turning up the heat

I’m sure there’s plenty of naughty things you wanna try…

Sadly, a lot of guys pressure their girl to do things that they’re not comfortable with…which TURNS US GIRLS OFF!

To get a woman to climax, you need to BUILD HER UP to it.

And the best way to do this is to hit all her known hot spots…

So make sure you warm up by playing with and licking her hot spots in this order:

? Lips and tongue
? Shoulders and Neck
? Breasts and nipples
? Thighs and outer lips on her vagina
? Clitoris

Make your way around these pleasure centers and she’ll DEFINITELY end up having a wildly intense “o” during your lovemaking session…maybe even before 😉

Killer #2) Mindless Talking vs. Dirty Talking

Dirty talking is always a great way to turn up the heat in bed…

But nothing can kill a girl’s orgasm faster than talking about something OTHER than sex.

Women are typically more distracted during sex than men are…

So if you bring up anything other than how HOT she looks or how GREAT it feels to be inside her…

…it’ll very likely throw her off to the point where she can’t concentrate on the sex…


Girls usually spend a lot of time in their heads during the deed…

So to make sure you keep her focused on how AMAZING the sex and send her off with an intense climax…

Say things like:

? “Wow, Baby, it feels soooo amazing to be inside you.”

? “Oh my God you look SO FUCKING HOT the way you ride me like that”

And avoid saying things like:

? “Wait, do you have to be somewhere right now?”

? “Are you comfortable right now? Do you want me to open a window or turn on the air conditioning?”

Killer #3) “Did you cum yet? Are you close? How bout NOW?”

Now it’s one thing to say things like, “Oh you like that?” or “How does that feel, baby?”

But it’s quite another thing to INTERROGATE HER about having an orgasm!

Like I said earlier, women can have a really difficult time cumming…

And when it comes to getting us there, our BIGGEST turn-off is feeling PRESSURED to do so.

Instead, talk to her about how badly you WANT to make her cum…

…and how you can’t WAIT to feel her pulsating around your hard dick.

This will definitely do the trick in finally sending her over the edge if you REALLY wanna see her scream and squirm in delight 😉

Killer #4) The All-About-YOU Show

Women sense when a guy isn’t focused on HER during sex…

Sadly guys can get into this groove where they’re humpin and pumpin away…without ANY REGARD for the woman’s enjoyment!

I mean it’s understandable…you get into this rhythm…you’re trying to concentrate on not cumming too fast…

But pretty soon you’ve lost sight of the whole point of it all…which is having a hot and wild time with HER.

So to avoid getting TOO self-involved during sex…and ultimately RUINING any chance of making her cum:

Take the time to look into her eyes, kiss her all over, caress her body, and ask her how she’s enjoying herself!

These simple moves go a long way into giving her a long and strong finish =)

Killer #5) Going so fast she can’t catch up!

Women aren’t meant to be pounded hard and fast…RIGHT AWAY.

I know you probably wanna get RIGHT TO BUSINESS once your “guy” is up and ready to rock…

…but if you don’t take the time to get her wet, juicy, and ON THE VERGE OF CUMMING…

It’s very likely she won’t.

The key to giving her a wild “o” is to keep her as wet and horny THROUGHOUT your entire session…

So make sure you slow things down by going down on her or letting her get on top and take over…

This will build her up into an orgasm…and GUARANTEE that you have her screaming wildly in as many “o”s as you’re willing to give her hehe

And there you have it!

In sum, these are the things you DON’T wanna do the next time you’re with her:

? Insist she does things she’s not into

? Distract her from the moment at hand

? Pressure her into having an orgasm

? Concentrate only on YOUR pleasure

? Rush into fast-paced sex

Those are the top orgasm killers…

So get started on taking these 5 suckers out of your session…

…and lemme know how CRAZY her orgasms get once you do!


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