When should you set up the second date?


Should you make her wait to hear from you after the first date?

Your first date was a success, but not you are not sure of how to properly play the game to secure a second date. Conscious of not appearing too keen, but also of not appearing too nonchalant, you are faced with the decision of when to contact her to set up your next date.

Throw out the rules

You may have heard of rules for how long to make her wait- but these are usually misguided. Making her wait a week will not keep her on her toes. If you say nothing about seeing her again within a small window after you first meet up, she will think you are not too keen on her. She will tell herself that you weren?t that great anyway. Even if she took a liking to you, she needs to save her ego by convincing herself that she was not all that interested in a second date. Rules telling you to make her wait are completely wrong. The only rule is to set up the second date as soon as possible after the first.

Make your interest known on the first date

If you want to see her again, tell her. By the end of the first date, you will know whether or not you wish to set up a second. Before parting ways on your first date, verbalise that you would like to see her again. At the very least, give her a vague idea of when you will see her, and tell her that you will get in contact in a few days. If you are feeling even bolder, you could set up the day and time right then and there, though do make sure you get in touch with her to confirm it beforehand.

Or text when you get home

Did you miss your chance to set up a second date in person? You?ll miss your chance forever if you do not get in contact soon. There are several ideal periods in which to contact her after the date. If it was a late night date, you could text her as soon as you get home. For a daytime date, messaging her at night-time will preserve the momentum you had from seeing her earlier. The next day is also a perfect time to get in touch to express your interest. As time rolls on from then, it becomes less and less likely that she will see you again.

Make it soon

You may think you are playing it cool by making her wait for a second date. In that time, she will be losing interest, and fast. You want to use the momentum from the first date in order to make the second happen. Wait too long to contact her, or set it up for a date too far in the future, and things will fizzle out. Ideally, you want to set up your second date within a few days of your first date. Plan the date in the near future: a week is perfect, but two will have her interest waning.

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