How your clothing affects your posture

Ill-fitting clothes can cause you to hunch or change your gait.

Your style can make you slouch or stand tall

How you carry yourself has a huge effect on how you look. Standing tall in a tee shirt can look better than slouching in a suit- though usually, if you dress well, you automatically adopt better posture.

How your dress affects your attitude

Your outfit is your mindset. Workers putting on the uniforms are doing more than just indicating to customers that they are part of the staff- they are putting on an entire state of mind. How you dress affects how you feel, without you even realising it. Dressing sloppily not only makes you look like a slob, it makes you feel and act like one too. Conversely, dressing sharply will instantly make you carry yourself like the stylish gentleman you are.

Putting in the conscious effort to amend your posture is difficult, but wearing clothes that you are proud of will make you stand tall without even realising it.

Messenger bags

Messenger bags that sling over one shoulder may be stylish, but they are ruining your posture and having long term effects on your body. Using a messenger bag only occasionally, and never overloading it with too many heavy contents, is a good compromise. A sturdy backpack puts the least strain on your body, but you still need to be careful not to overload your back. A backpack that is too heavy will often force you to curve your spine. If you frequently need to carry heavy items and it is affecting your posture, consider using a wheeled bag instead. Wheeled bags do not have to be hideous, and they do not have to be huge either. Get the smallest possible bag for your needs, and go for a designer brand for a sophisticated look.

Unsupportive shoes

A poorly made pair of shoes can change the way you walk. Shoes with a flexible sole are to be avoided, as they do not provide adequate support. It is crucial that shoes you use for exercising be fitted properly to your foot shape, as inferior running shoes can even result in injuries. Expensive shoes are not always necessarily better. If you go to a good shoe store, the sales assistant will be able to find you something suitable for your needs.

Too-tight pants

Fit is king when it comes to clothing, and not just because well-fitting clothes are more flattering; wear pants that are too tight and you will find your gait changes. Clothes should always be large enough not to restrict natural movements. Wearing skinny jeans that force you to take tiny steps is bad for you in the long term, and makes you look weird in the short term.

Narrow jacket

A jacket that is too narrow to accommodate your body will be uncomfortable and will cause you to pull your shoulders forward. If you cannot comfortably set your shoulders back, with your chest forward, then your jacket is far too small.

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