The C.A.T. Sexual Technique (Instructions Inside)

I?m about to show you an extremely powerful sex move?

But first, a question:

Do you like the ?missionary? position?

If you said ?NO??you?re a liar =)

Sure, people love to say that the missionary position is ?boring??

I mean, even its name implies that it?s for people who DON?T f*ck for pleasure?

But the truth is?missionary can actually be one of the HOTTEST ways to have sex!

And YES?a girl CAN cum in missionary.

In fact, she can cum extra-hard?and super fast…

?IF you know the simple ‘C.A.T’ trick that turns ?missionary? into ?mind-blowing.?

Don?t know it??Well, you’re about to learn;)

The ?trick? I?m talking about is the Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T)…

And it?s super simple to perform…

Because all it takes is a slight shift in the angle of your hips and legs?

Plus a special, extra sensual?rhythm?

And your girl will immediately experience intense DUAL-ACTION pleasure!

Here?s how you do it:

Step 1 – Assume missionary position as you normally would…penetration and all!

Tip: Put a pillow under your girl?s tush before you mount her. This will make coital alignment easier?and even more enjoyable;)

Step 2 – Prop yourself up just a little onto your forearms?

And line your face up evenly with hers.

Step 3 – Distribute your body weight EVENLY over your partner?s.

Remember to use your forearms, elbows, and knees for support?so you don?t crush her!

Step 4 – Slide your body forward (so your shoulders are about level with her chin)…

But make sure to maintain the same amount of contact with her body?so again, push forward WITHOUT lifting up.

Why? Because this alignment puts the base of your shaft in direct contact with her CLIT?during penetration!

Note: Your cock will probably slide halfway out (or more)?

And that?s okay!

As long as your tip is inside her?or even just grazing her hole?you won?t go wrong?

Because this position is all about the pressure of your shaft on her clit.

Got it? Okay, now it?s time to f*ck;)

Step 5 – Go slow and DO NOT thrust.

It might be temping to just start pumping in and out?since that?s what you?re used to doing?

But the C.A.T is special because it?s different!

So instead of thrusting, move your hips in a slow and sensual rocking motion.

It might take a minute to get the rhythm down?

But if you just think about moving your pelvis forward and back?not up and down?

You?ll quickly get the hang of it!

Note: Your girl should synch her hips up with yours?so you rock together?

And for MAXIMUM stimulation of her naughty region, her legs stay close together the whole time.

Step 6 – Keep on rocking and rubbing your bodies until she cums!

What makes the C.A.T position so unique, is that it tends to both her clit and her hole simultaneously?

Plus, it makes for a very INTIMATE sexual experience?

So nearly ALL of the female pleasure sensors are stimulated at the same time?

And that means it won?t take long to make her pussy EXPLODE with orgasmic delight!

And after she does, she?ll be so GRATEFUL, that she?ll do anything to return the favor?

?and will gladly finish YOU off in any position you want?

Or maybe even with her mouth;)

Believe me, the Coital Alignment Technique is a MUST-TRY move.

It?s perfect for spicing things up with your lady?

?or WOW-ing a new lover (to keep her cumming back for more).

Give a whirl and let me know what you think!


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