What should you do about greying hair?

How to choose between dyeing your greys or leaving it natural

Grey hair is almost a certainty, if you live long enough. Perhaps you are finding greys hidden in your crowning glory at a young age. Or, maybe you have lived for many decades and have only now experienced the scourge of grey hair. How you handle greying hair will depend on your age, how much effort you are willing to expend on hair care, and your personal preferences.

Once your hair starts going grey, there is nothing you can do to halt the hands of time. The age at which you go grey is largely genetic, so blame your parents, not your stress levels. In some rare circumstances, grey hair can be caused by hormonal issues or a vitamin deficiency, so if you are going grey at a young age, it is worth going to the doctor to rule out any medical problems.

Natural remedies for grey hair are not going to help your appearance; the only way you can reduce the appearance of grey hair is by dyeing it. So the question facing you is, should you let your greys take over, or should you cover them up with a dye job?

Don?t do it at home

If you opt to dye your hair, you will get best results by paying a professional to do the job. Yes, it is expensive, especially in comparison to the dirt-cheap cost of doing it yourself. However, you really do get what you pay for. An at-home dye job will usually look harsh, whereas a hairdresser will know what to do to make your hair color look natural as the roots grow out.

Dye your hair if you are young

You may have the misfortune of going grey at a young age, but you don?t have to let it ruin your appearance. Few men below the age of thirty-five can carry off the salt and pepper look. God forbid you try to rock grey hair in your teens or twenties. If you are a young man who is going grey, it is imperative that you find the time and money to restore it to its former glory. Even dye from a box is preferable than no dye at all, at that age.

Older men: consider going lighter

You may have had a shock of dark hair in your youth, but black or dark brown hair often looks too fake on older men. This effect is especially pronounced if you have pale skin. Consider choosing a shade of brown lighter than your own. This will also look better when you begin to get regrowth, as the contrast between brown and light grey or white is much less than it would be with black dye. The color that will look best on you will depend heavily on your skin tone; if your skin is very dark, you have no choice but to dye your hair dark if it is to look at all natural.

When to keep the grey

You may choose to embrace your inner Clooney by letting nature take over your hair color. Grey hair can look suitable on older men, though you will have to pay extra attention to grooming in order to compensate. If you do let your hair turn grey, ensure you wash it frequently. It is obvious when grey hair gets greasy, and it looks nasty.




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