Can’t Touch Your Toes? Find and Fix the Root of the Problem

Despite being regulars at the gym, stretching down and wrapping our hands around our feet still alludes many of us. Having a flexible body often feels like a secondary aspect of fitness, if you have time then you worry about that, but only after you’ve concentrated on your cardio or weight training.?But flexibility offers a number of its own benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It betters the strength and health of our joints and tendons, it allows us more maneuverability in sports, and it helps improve our posture. All of this is there to be taken by those that give stretching a place in their day, and, let’s be honest, doesn’t it feel a little embarrassing when you stretch in front of people, but can’t reach your toes? I know I’m not alone in that. But first things first, it’s important to diagnose why?we can’t touch our toes,?and for that we have this article from Breaking Muscle:

Just because the hamstrings are tight doesn’t mean they need stretching. Always look deeper before stretching anything. There are many different reasons you can?t touch your toes. Let?s examine the issues.

When a hip is locked down due to decreased mobility, hinging at the hip joint efficiently becomes difficult. The body will put the brakes on movement and take the path of least resistance, demanding more movement from the lower back. Overuse of the lower back will leave you more prone to pain and injury.

Who knew there was so much to consider in only touching your toes? Thankfully, the rest of the article breaks down how to find the root of your problem, and also how to fix it, so check it out.

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