The non-sneakerhead guide to Air Jordans

How to get Js without paying thousands on eBay

What are Jordans?

In case you have been living under a rock for the last thirty years, Jordans are sneakers by the brand Air Jordan. The brand is owned by Nike and associated with former basketballer Michael Jordan. Released in 1985, the first pair of Jordans had a profound impact on fashion, and marked the beginnings of sneakerhead culture. You may also hear of Jordans referred to as Js. New styles are released regularly, but they always stay true to the original design. The Air Jordan I was a red, black and white design similar to those seen today.

Different Air Jordans

The Air Jordan line is released in numbers, from 1 to 30. Air Jordans released from 2009 to 2012 are known by the year. However, do not think your Air Jordan 1s were made in 1985. Most numbers get re-released (or ?retroed?) from time to time. Most of the very early Jordans from the eighties and nineties have been re-released in recent years.

As you go through the progression of Air Jordans over time, they gradually become more bizarre looking. Air Jordans 1 through to 6 are the most classic designs. While all Jordans are functional athletic footwear, the first few designs have more of a street look.

The most recent Air Jordans to be made are the Air Jordan 30s, which will be available on February 12 for $200.

Jordan Fusions

Just in case it was not complicated enough to learn that there are thirty different varieties of Air Jordans, there are more styles to learn about. There are a host of special releases and packages, but the one you will encounter most are the Fusion sneakers, which combine elements of the Air and Air Force One styles. Of these, there are five designs, each a fusion with a different style of Air Jordans.

How much to pay and where to buy

Despite the huge price tags found online, the prices fetched by Jordans instore are quite affordable, as evidenced by their upcoming $200 release.

Sneakerheads eagerly snap up Jordans as soon as they are released, either for their own collections or to put up on eBay for inflated prices. Rare versions of the sneaker can sell for thousands of dollars. If you just want a pair of sneakers that looks good, my advice is to not get attached to the idea of any particular style of Jordans. They are rarely available on the Nike website- your best bet is to buy them from a sneaker marketplace, or to try to find them instore. Your ability to purchase instore is highly dependent on the location of the store; in some US locations, people line up for hours to purchase Jordans on the day they are released.

Some styles found by resellers online are barely over one hundred dollars; as long as you are not too picky with style, you will be able to find something without an inflated price. Of course, when buying online you will need to be careful with regards to authenticity of the shoe.


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