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Toast Your Good Health with Benefit-Boosting Gin Cocktails

Best Gin Cocktails for health benefits

It may be true that alcohol often gets a bad reputation, but an overwhelming amount of research has begun to show that – when it’s consumed in moderation – with the right ingredients – alcohol can sometimes have a positive impact on our health. From improving heart function to reducing the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes, infusing drinks with the right ingredients can have a wide range of salient results.

So providing that you don’t have an issue with addiction, now may be the perfect time to raise a glass to your good health by blending up a cocktail that contains healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs, and of course that bit of extra booze. Remember however, the key to really reaping the rewards of these drinks lays in ensuring your consumption remains moderate. This means two glasses a day at most for men, and one glass for women.

Sorry Charlie Sheen, we know this does not work for you but oh well.

Good Health with Benefit-Boosting Gin Cocktails

1. Fresh Start Cocktail

Benefit-Boosting Gin Cocktails

To make this drink, you’ll need some oregano, lime, celery, and carrots. Juice all of the ingredients together and add a splash of gin for a delicious beverage that can do wonders for your body. The carrot juice will give you a sterling boost in Vitamin A for improved skin and eye health, while the oregano delivers a powerful pinch of antioxidants.

2. Kale in Comparison

Made with refreshing pineapple, and health superfood – kale, this cocktail is ideal for boosting your body full of vitamins while relaxing after a particularly rough day. Kale is one of the best sources of vitamin K available – a substance that plays a significant part in regulating inflammation and improving bone health. Kale is also packed with compounds that can help to increase heart health and protect against cancer. What’s more, the pineapple juice will act as an anti-inflammatory and help your digestion system to break down protein.

3. Celery Cup

Health benefits with Gin Cocktails

Considering the name, it shouldn’t be too difficult to guess the main ingredient in this particular cocktail. Celery contains a wide range of different antioxidants, including flavonols, phenolic acids, and phytosterols which can help to reduce the oxidative stress in blood vessels and lower inflammation.

What’s more, because celery comes full of vitamins A, B, C, and K, alongside health-inducing nutrients like folate, manganese, calcium, and potassium – you really can’t go wrong. This is the exact opposite of eating cotton candy which is just horrendous for you. Blend some celery and throw in some gin for a refreshing beverage.

If you have any celery left over, spread some peanut butter on it and have a tasty and wonderful snack.

4. Berritone

Feeling a little under your best? The lemon and honey used in this particular cocktail are an ideal way to boost your system while reminding you of traditional cold and flu medicine. Lemon, which is full of antibacterial properties and vitamin C, will fight against infection, while reducing inflammation. What’s more, the honey contains anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial qualities, as well as minerals that boost the immune system.

5. RJ Maroon

Gin Cocktails For your Good Health

Made to harness that traditional tropical taste that reminds us of hot summer days, the ingredients in the RJ Maroon include kiwi and strawberry alongside your delicious thirst-quenching gin. Kiwis and strawberries contain far more vitamin C than oranges, and this substance will help to keep your tendons, skin, and bones in fantastic health for a longer period of time. What’s more, the flavonoids in strawberries have been shown to help with memory retention and concentration in old age.

If you have any strawberries left over, you can make strawberry pancakes (perhaps not as healthy but it will be a complete breakfast and certainly better than allowing the strawberries to go to waste) or cut the strawberries up and put them in your cereal in the milk.

6. Fernet Stag

Made with ginger and club soda, this is the perfect cocktail to drink if you’ve been struggling with stomach problems, belly aches, or even digestive distress. Ginger is ideal for easing bloating, indigestion, nausea, and constipation, and even help prevent gastric ulcers which are used by chronic stress and anti-inflammatory drugs. What’s more, some research even suggests that ginger may be a wonderful ingredient for individuals looking to fight back against the toxins responsible for causing cancer.

7. Lime and Coconut

 Best Gin Cocktails for health benefits

Looking for something extra refreshing? This cocktail is made with mint and coconut water – two ingredients that are packed with body-related benefits. For instance, one serving of coconut water contains twice as much potassium as your average banana. This electrolyte helps to boost the chemical, water, and metabolism balance of the body. What’s more, mint helps to promote healthy digestion, and can be useful in boosting brain function within your short and long term memory.

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