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What to do with your new girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Surviving Valentine?s Day in a new or casual relationship

For your first ever Valentine?s Day in a new relationship, you have not set a precedent for what to do on the most romantic day of the year. It is even worse if your relationship is fairly casual at this stage- you do not want the day to be a disappointment, but you do not want to freak her out with a grand gesture either.

Do not ignore Valentine?s Day

Regardless of what she tells you, she does not want you to ignore Valentine?s Day. Do not be fooled by your new girlfriend saying she would prefer not to do anything to celebrate. She does not want to seem high-maintenance, but she will be disappointed if you do not do anything to make the day special.

Make the day an experience

You want to create a fun Valentine?s Day- and one that is not too sappy, considering you are in the early stages of your relationship. Seeing each other on Valentine?s Day is compulsory, but it cannot be a normal visit or she will be disappointed. She may even see Valentine?s Day as a ?test? of how your ability to be a good boyfriend. Make a good impression by planning out a fun experience. Major cities will often have unique Valentine?s Day events; do your research on what?s on and find something quirky. A regular dinner and a movie date is not good enough; swap it for something like watching a play and going to a more upscale restaurant. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, so you could plan out a whole day together, starting from brunch.

The most important thing is to have a plan. The back and forth of deciding what to do for a date is annoying at the best of times; on Valentine?s Day, it will just look juvenile. Be a man with a plan to impress her.

Should you get her a Valentine?s Day gift?

In a new relationship, exchanging gifts is incredibly awkward- particularly if you do not know if she is getting you a gift too. Some women will love receiving a giant teddy bear and a sappy card from a guy they?ve been dating for a week, but most will find this gesture far too much. Keep any gift simple, and err on the side of not being overly cheesy. The best tactic is to make your gift the experience. Plan a cute date- and be the one to pay. Treating her to a dinner date at a fancy restaurant is the perfect solution.

If you are really intent on giving her a present, make it small and generic. Think a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, with a card that does not mention the L-word if you?re not up to that stage yet. Avoid buying roses for your new girlfriend, as that is far too strong a statement. Write a short and thoughtful message in the card; one that is appropriate to the amount of time you have spent together- no grant declarations.


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