What to wear for a movie date

Does your outfit matter if you?re sitting in the dark?

Your outfit is always a matter of importance for a date. She may be unable to see your outfit for most of the date, but you will be making an impression before and after you settle down to watch the film. Given you will be in the dark, the non-visual aspects of your outfit become more important. You will have to pay more attention to selecting clothes with a pleasant texture.

Keep it casual

Even a fancy cinema does not call for a formal outfit. Wear something casual but stylish to your movie date. The idea is to show that you care to put effort into looking good, but that you have a sense of what is appropriate. A casual but well put together outfit such as slim fitting jeans with a V-neck tee shirt and a statement blazer, paired with a smart pair of shoes, is ideal.

Something you can sit down in

You do not want to be shifting around in your seat for two hours, because you decided to wear your jeans from when you were a few pounds lighter. Above all, wear something that you can comfortably sit down in for a long period of time. Clothes that are too tight are no good for a date at the cinema.

Soft materials

Your date will want to snuggle you during the movie, but not if you are wearing a nasty pleather jacket covered in zips. Wear something that will be comfortable for your date to lean against. Avoid jackets or cardigans with too many buttons; go for a soft knitted jumper instead. Make sure it is a stylish sweater- think V-neck or chunky patterned knit. Also check that your shirt or tee shirt is also made out of a soft material such as cotton.

A spritz of cologne

Spray a small amount of a pleasant smelling scent on your wrists. Less is more when it comes to scents. Do not spray it on your neck or torso, in case she is irritated the smell but still wants to cuddle up.

Avoid drowning yourself in deodorant. This is unpleasant at the best of times, let alone when she is stuck sitting next to you for two hours. It is far more mature and appealing to apply unscented antiperspirant and a spray of cologne. Using both cologne and deodorant will be too overpowering.

No hats

A hat often adds personality to your outfit. You may fancy yourself as a hat guy, whether you go for classic looks or are more of a snapback wearer. Regardless of your hat proclivities, it is a huge no-no to wear a hat to the cinema. You will be inside, so it is already a fashion faux pas. It also gives the impression that you are an inconsiderate person (the movie-goers sitting behind you will hate you). Do not wear a hat for the start of your date only to take it off once you get inside the theatre; you will have awful hat-hair. Just skip the hat this time.

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