Fitness Solutions for Avoiding the Risk of Diabetes

Solutions for Avoiding the Risk of Diabetes

According to statistics recorded by the CDC, there is a total of around 29.1 million people suffering with diabetes, both diagnosed and undiagnosed within the United States. About 25.9% of the US population above the age of 65 have diabetes, and the disease remains to be the seventh highest cause of death within the country since 2010.

As you may already know, there are two different types of diabetes that an individual may suffer from. Type 1 diabetes is a genetic condition that typically manifests during the earlier years of your life, whereas type 2 diabetes begins its attack during adulthood, usually as a result of issues such as obesity. As our society continues to expand, more people are suffering from type 2 diabetes, as we continue to gorge ourselves on junk food, chips, and unhealthy habits.

Unfortunately, as good as it might feel to spend a night in binging on your favorite junk foods, diabetes can be a serious issue, which causes numerous problems. From cardiovascular diseases, to kidney failure and even impairment of vision, diabetes can leave your body in ruins. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can reduce your chances of falling victim to type 2 diabetes. In the following we discuss just a few of the easy changes you can make to your lifestyle in order to diminish your chances of developing the disease.

Top Fitness Solutions for Avoiding the Risk of Diabetes

1. Drink More Coffee (Without the Sugar)

Avoiding the Risk of Diabetes

According to research that has been published by the Internal medicine archive, your morning cup of coffee could be good for a lot more than simply getting you going in a morning. A delicious shot of java could also act as a form of diabetes prevention, as coffee is capable of dropping your odds by as much as 10%, so long as you don’t fill it full of sugar and syrup. Avoid the fancy cappuccinos and stick to Americano to save yourself money, and improve your health.

2. Use the Barbells

Fitness Solutions to Reduce your diabetes risk

There are few things that better strength can’t help you to accomplish. It’s possible to beat diabetes in the squat rack with a set of barbells if you’re willing to work out. Muscle tissue absorbs around 80% of the glucose that typically enters the bloodstream following a meal.

As you get older, the natural muscle-wasting that starts to occur with age can contribute to insulin resistance, which is a risk factor for developing diabetes. Not only are you loading up your muscles with extra energy, but working out will also help to prevent muscle wastage, keep your heart healthy, and prevent diabetes later in life.

No one says you need to lift weights to look like Stallone or Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) but you can lift weights to make yourself look a little better and to help your body out fight this terrible disease called diabetes. Getting diabetes will be a game changer in your life and on top of this, there is nothing wrong with being a little stronger. After all, when your mom asks you to carry some groceries for her or some gallons of milk, you do not want to be too weak to help her out!

3. Oil up Your Life

Easy Fitness Solutions to Preventing Diabetes

If you tend to reach for the ketchup to add a bit of extra flavor to your meal, then try ditching the sugary sauces for a dressing that is better for your health. Research has found that a diet rich in olive oil can help to prevent diabetes, as it reduces triglyceride levels in the blood, alongside levels of glucose. Olive oil can also help to get rid of cholesterol levels, thereby preventing numerous diseases common in diabetic patients – such as heart disease.

4. Eat Plenty of (Dark) Chocolate

Simple Solutions to Preventing The Risk of Diabetes

You might like to indulge in the occasional bar of chocolate – and why shouldn’t you – but the next time you have a craving, try indulging in some darker beans instead. Studies have shown that dark chocolate is packed full of flavonoids – a form of antioxidant that can help to guard against diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. What’s more, dark chocolate is full of catechin – which is stellar for killing cholesterol and reducing fat. Just make sure to indulge in moderation.

5. Work with a Friend

Fitness Solutions for Avoiding the Risk of Diabetes

Research conducted by the American Diabetes Association has found a connection between the stress hormone known as cortisol and type 2 diabetes. The more stressed you are, the more cortisol your body experiences thanks to your adrenal glands, increasing your risk of suffering from the disease. Find a friend that you can regularly blow off steam with to make sure that you keep your stress levels as low as possible, and keep those cortisol levels away.

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