How to travel in style

A man?s guide to looking first class (even if you?re in economy)

Travelling by plane used to be surrounded by an air of glamour. It was an occasion to get dressed up for. Today, air travel is much more affordable to the masses, and dress codes have been adjusted down accordingly. Dress codes may be enforced in a travel lounge, but it is not uncommon to see travellers dressed sloppily even in business class. Despite this trend towards casual dressing, there is much to be said for looking sleek when you travel, particularly if you are travelling for work and would like to make a good impression.

Luxury luggage

A high quality polycarbonate suitcase is your best bet for luggage. Polycarbonate is a type of plastic that is lightweight yet very strong.

There are huge variations in price for suitcases. A basic polycarbonate suitcase will set you back no more than a few hundred dollars. You can obtain cheaper fabric suitcases, but these will wear out quickly and as such will look like trash after a few uses. A top of the line suitcase may set you back $1000, but it is certainly worth it. Designer suitcases can go for many thousands of dollars- these are not worth the money. The quality does not justify the price, and they are likely to date quickly.

You do not need to be carting around a suitcase papered with the Louis Vuitton logo, but you do need your luggage to be in a reasonable condition. An old suitcase with broken zips or even holes is never a good look.

Take a small carry-on bag

You do not want to be that guy grappling with a heavy carry-on bag. Getting sweaty from dragging your heavy hand luggage all over the airport will make you look unprofessional. Pack your carry-on bag as lightly as possible. A small briefcase is ideal, as it will hold all your essentials in style.

Wear a jacket

Whether you are wearing a full suit or jeans with a blazer, you will want some sort of jacket. It will be uncomfortable to wear during the flight, but you will look sharper before and after. Stow your jacket when you get on the plane, and put it back on straightaway when you arrive at your destination.

Comfortable pants

You will be sitting down for a very long time, so you will want to be wearing pants which are not too restrictive. Comfort will be worth more to you than style when you are hurtling through the air wondering if your pants will soon cause you to become infertile. I am not saying you should wear track pants, but perhaps do not wear your tightest jeans.

Skip the belt

Normally, a belt pulls your outfit together and should always be worn. You should certainly pack a belt or two, but try to avoid wearing a belt to the airport. You may have to take it off as you go through the metal detector, which is annoying and a little undignified. If you must wear a belt, a cloth belt or one with a removable buckle is ideal.


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