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Weird Science: The “Female Mind Control” Trick That Makes Women Automatically Crave You

Hey man, I want you to picture something for a moment?

Imagine if you could crawl inside a woman?s mind and ?rewire? her circuits so that she feels an instant and uncontrollable DESIRE for you?

A burning NEED to please you and follow along with your every suggestion.

It doesn?t matter if you?re not ?her type??

It doesn?t matter if you think she?s ?out of your league??

And it doesn?t even matter if you?ve been stuck in the ?friend zone? with her forever.

That?s how it feels when you know the secrets of Female Mind Control.

I want to pay very close attention to what I?m about to share with you?

Because the Female Mind Control trick I?m about to teach you is

based on proven seduction principles, combined with cutting-edge brain science and rules of influence and persuasion.

If that sounds complicated, it isn?t…

In fact, it?s drop dead simple to control a woman?s mind and rewire her to DESIRE you when you know how to put the six rules of Female Mind Control into action.

Today I?m going to break down one of them, The Rule Of Reciprocity, and show you how to use it to ?hotwire? a woman?s emotions and desires…

So that she submits to your control, loses all of her inhibitions, and needs YOU to give her the sexual release she craves.

Now let?s break this down, shall we?

The Rule of Reciprocity states that when you give something of value to someone, and ask for nothing in return, they feel indebted to you.

Feeling indebted is an uncomfortable feeling, and so we want to reciprocate (pay that person back) as soon as possible.

This is human nature. It?s an instinct that is hard-wired into us.

And you need to be aware?because this Rule gets used on YOU all the time, without you even knowing it?

The Car Dealership Story

Salesmen use this technique all the time. For example, the other day I went to a dealership to take a look at some new cars. I wasn?t planning on buying anything that day.

A sales guy in a cheap suit made a beeline for me. Immediately after he introduced himself, he made a comment that ?I looked thirsty,? and he pulled a dollar out of his wallet, walked over to a vending machine, and bought me a Coke.

Not a big gesture. But a classic (and effective) tactic of Influence. I now subconsciously felt that I ?owed? him a little something.

If he hadn?t bought me that Coke, I would have told him that I was just browsing, and excused myself.

But now, because my brain told me that I ?owed? him, I was open to listening to his sales routine.

He told me about a special deal they were offering on a new model, and I allowed him to show me the car and give me his whole pitch.

In the span of that short conversation, he used at least four other persuasion and influence techniques to try to ?close? me. I smiled to myself as I identified each one?

Because that?s when the average, dimwitted customer might go ahead, pull out his checkbook, and buy a high-end car that will cause his wife to threaten a divorce when he brings it home.

But not me. I?m familiar with every persuasion and influence trick in the book.

(And I use ?em to score hot girls every time I go out. We?ll get to that in a moment…)

In fact, I know what happens at the end of the the day at a car dealership: the salesmen open up the vending machine and retrieve all of the dollar bills they spent to create ?reciprocity? with the suckers! (Sorry, I mean ?customers??)

Why This Rule Creates ?Seduction On Steroids?

Now, that might sound like a minor example?

But the Rule of Reciprocity is no joke. It?s POWERFUL when applied correctly and can give you an unfair advantage over all the boring scrubs out there.

So how do you use it to control and influence the desire center of the female brain?

You do her little ?favors? and install a sense in her mind that she ?owes? you.

How I Used This Rule To Score Last Saturday Night:

#1. When I texted the girl, Jessica, to set up my first date with her, I didn?t ask her if she wanted to ?hang out? or ?meet up.?

(This is how the typical scrub does it. He doesn?t lay out a PLAN for her to follow along with, and he makes her feel like she?d be doing him a FAVOR by granting him some of her time. This is all so, so wrong?)

Instead, I framed it like this: ?Jessica, you seem like an exceptional girl so I?ve got a special place I?m going to bring you to. I don?t normally bring my dates to this place because it?s like my ?private sanctuary,? but I?ll make an exception in your case. Wear something sexy and I?ll pick you up at eight.?

(That?s money in the bank right there, my friend. You?re creating some mystery and anticipation?you?re making her feel like you?re bringing her into YOUR private world?you?re creating reciprocity?AND you?re instructing her to ?wear something sexy,? which is totally dominant and amps up her excitement level.)

Next: while we?re driving to the restaurant and she?s sitting next to me, I flip on the radio and tell her she can choose the station.

?Normally I don?t let ANYONE mess with my radio,? I tell her, ?but I have a feeling you?ve got pretty good taste in music?so I?m going to allow you to be the DJ tonight. Just one rule: no Justin Bieber.?

When we get to the cocktail spot, I choose a table for us. She goes to sit down.

I say with a smile, ?That?s so funny, I always pick that side of the table to sit on.?

She goes to stand up, offering me the seat, and I say ?No, please, go ahead. Take that seat. You?re a VIP here tonight.?

Then throughout the evening, I use other subtle ?influence? moves to keep creating the sense that I?m doing generous and charming things for her.

(Even though it?s all little stuff that I?d do for anyone and it isn?t actually costing me anything!)

Like, when she asks me about my job, I say:

?I have a rule that I never discuss business during a first date, because what I do for a living goes over most people?s heads?but I can tell you?re sharper than the average girl, so I?ll break my rule just for you??

Or, after we?ve had a few drinks and I want to bounce with her to a late-night lounge where we can get ?cozy??

?Y?know Jessica, I told myself I?d be home and in bed by eleven o?clock, because I?ve got a meeting in the morning?but you?re way more fun than I was expecting, so tell you what?I?m going to bring you to one more spot tonight that I know you?re going to love. C?mon, let?s finish these drinks and bounce.?

By this point, her brain is telling her to keep going with my flow.

In her eyes, I?m the coolest, most thoughtful dude she?s met in ages. And for her to turn me down would be totally rude, because she ?owes? me, right?

An hour later at the late-night lounge, while we?re snuggled up on a couch, I?m going to suggest we go back to my place so we can watch that amazing documentary on Netflix that I told her about earlier.

One more bit of Influence is all it takes: ?Jessica, you?ve kept me out WAY past my bedtime and this is all your fault…?

She giggles and playfully smacks me on the arm. ?My fault? How is any of this MY fault??

?Because I never expected us to have chemistry like this, AND you look way too good in that outfit. So I texted my assistant and rescheduled my meeting for next week, because tonight is about me and you. Let?s cruise back to my place and put on some Netflix.?

Game. Set. Match.

The Rule of Recipocrity wins again.

And that?s just ONE of the six rules of Female Mind Control. Put all six rules together, and you?ll be closing deals so easily it?d make the Wolf Of Wall Street?s head spin.

Click here and in this short video, I?ll lay out each simple step of Female Mind Control so you can use it TONIGHT.

Rooting for you,



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